In-person in the Santa Cruz, San Jose and Monterey areas of California, and anywhere else remotely.

Working together may be a good fit if:

  • You have a chronic illness like chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia or an autoimmune condition and realize that the western approaches you’ve tried so far have fallen short and you feel that something crucial has been missed.
  • You’re going through a life transition, like a divorce, a loss, retirement, kids leaving home, and you feel overwhelmed with uncertainty and are asking ‘what’s next?’.
  • You're highly sensitive or introverted and get overwhelmed in public spaces and crowds and you crave having a sanctuary that helps you deeply relax and be yourself.
  • You have clutter (big of small) that is overwhelming you.
  • You’re drawn to indigenous and natural ways of living and healing.
  • You crave deeper meaning, purpose and connection.
  • You’re open to prayer and receiving help from the divine.



With Traditional Nahua Healing we work in relationship with the healing forces of Nature to address the spiritual root cause of your illness and imbalance in your life.

With Feng Shui we’ll work together to bring your space into alignment with the forces of Nature to foster a healthy, prosperous life and create a sanctuary where you can heal, recharge and be yourself.

With Decluttering Coaching I’ll help you clear your clutter and together we’ll turn overwhelm and stagnation into spaciousness, clarity and peace. 

With a Spiritual House Clearing we’ll refresh your space by clearing out old stagnant energies by rebalancing the spiritual chemistry or ‘spiritual ecosystem’ of your house.


What some of my clients have said…

"Thanks Megan! I had such a blessed day after our session- not a care in the world and handled my work day with renewed vigor! I was completely blown away at the intense spiritual comfort/support/healing that I received through your work. I will absolutely come back for more treatments and will highly recommend you to others. Thanks again for all of your help, love and support.” —Gina Carling, Traditional Nahua Healing Client
“Megan has helped us with the Feng Shui of our home over the last 10 years. Her recommendations always bring more balance and harmony to our lives and it's often a huge relief when problems magically dissolve after the suggested remedies.” — Reija Bolwell, Feng Shui Client
"Megan has an incredible talent for helping people uncover their emotional attachments to clutter and for compassionately and skillfully guiding them through the decluttering process. I worked with Megan to Feng Shui and declutter my apartment and it was truly a transformative and healing process. When I work with Megan, I receive surprising results that go beyond my initial expectations. Work with Megan and your life will move forward!" -Kateri McCue, Feng Shui & Decluttering Client
“I found Montero Healing Arts online and setup an appointment for a house limpia and blessing and I was so blown away by the experience. My once energetically burdened rental home is now light airy and rejuvenated..thanks to Megan. She is so kind, welcoming and lends a sympathetic ear to you and the needs of the home. Once she did the clearing and I returned to the house, it was just as we discussed. She performed a miracle and everything energetically shifted for the better. I would absolutely recommend this healing experience to anyone looking for this type of help. I am very pleased and happy with the outcome! -Andrea Doherty, Santa Cruz, CA
"I am feeling so well and experiencing so many positive changes! Answered prayers. I am so grateful and in awe.” — Sarah Packard, Traditional Nahua Healing Client


We’d probably really enjoy working together if:

  • You’re highly sensitive or introverted and love to stay at home to work on your projects and deepen your inner world.
  • You cultivate your intuition by using a pendulum, tarot cards or asking the universe for guidance.
  • You reconnect by practicing qigong, yoga, meditation, prayer… or by taking walks in Nature.
  • You're a lifelong learner and like to take classes to improve your health and well-being.
  • You talk to your plants and listen for what they say back.
  • You love the rain so much you go outside to get wet and give thanks.



If you would like to work together, please reach out to schedule a connection call and we can explore if working together is a good fit.