When you're going through a transition and looking for a meaningful life change, I can help you restore your balance and well-being.

Set up your home and business to cultivate prosperity, vitality, fulfilling relationships and success.

Benefits experienced by my Feng Shui clients include...
  • Increased income and career opportunities
  • Feeling more comfortable and at ease at home
  • Better quality sleep
  • Improved relationships and new love relationships
  • Inner calm and peace
  • Improved health and keeping healthy habits

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In-person Feng Shui Consultations

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Virtual Feng Shui Consultations

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Feng Shui for Home or Workspace


"Over time — as we implement more and more of the Feng Shui changes Megan recommends — finances, relationships, and all aspects of our life continue to improve.”
— Jean Harrah, Watsonville, CA
“Megan has helped us with the Feng Shui of our home over the last 10 years. She is a highly skilled Feng Shui consultant — very intuitive, sensitive, and a lovely person! Her recommendations always bring more balance and harmony to our lives and it's often a huge relief when problems magically dissolve after the suggested remedies.”
— Reija Bolwell

Traditional Nahua Healing~Restore Balance, Well-Being and Spiritual Connection with the Help of Nature

Traditional Nahua Healing is an ancient and time-honored form of spiritual healing indigenous to the highlands of central Mexico. Working with the healing forces of Nature to address the spiritual root causes of illness and imbalance in all layers of a person’s being - body, mind, and spirit, this medicine is highly beneficial for physical illnesses and emotional and spiritual issues. Nahua Medicine brings deep and lasting healing, life-balance and beneficial transformation to the recipient.

Come experience Traditional Nahua Healing at my home consultorio by the Ocean in Santa Cruz, California.

“I am feeling so well and experiencing so many positive changes! Answered prayers. I am so grateful and in awe.”
— Sarah Packard