Start Your Year Clear 5 Day Decluttering Challenge-Day 2 

Welcome to Day 2 of the Start Your Year Clear 5 Day Decluttering Challenge!

Each day of the challenge I’ll post the next step of the challenge here on my blog. If you missed Day 1 CLICK HERE.

Today we’re decluttering your towels!

Just like everything else, towels ware out and if you don’t let go of the old ones when you get new ones, then your linen closet will get crowded and cluttered. It will make it annoying to put things away and to retrieve what you need when you need it. 

It’s the simple things in our life that have the biggest impact. Those micro daily routines affect our lives. 

Start by pulling all your towels out of your linen closet and any other places where you keep them. Then, go through each towel and washcloth, one at a time.

  • How many towels do you really need? 
  • How many do you actually use? 
  • Are you saving to many for the rag pile? 
  • Is it hard to keep your linen closet organized because it’s overly crowed? 
  • These are good questions to ask yourself while you sort through to help you let go of what you don’t need to keep.

There’s a great company called For Days that will take back your clean worn out towels and clothes. They find a way to recycle them which is a lot better than throwing these things in the garbage or having a rag bag that you’ll never get through. It’s an affordable easy way to recycle. 

Go to, order one of their bags for $20 which includes shipping both ways. Fill it up with any clothes, towels or sheets that are to worn to donate. And send it back to them, the shipping is included. The only thing they don’t take is underwear. 

Good job! Your linen closet is much happier.

I hope that was helpful! If you’d like to take your decluttering to a transformative level, then please join me for Simplify to Thrive! My 5-week live online decluttering course where you’ll learn how to create a home that will replenish your vitality so you can flourish in the new year! 


I look forward to seeing you tomorrow for Day 3 of the Start Your Year Clear 5 day Decluttering Challenge!

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