Decluttering Challenge with Megan Montero

Start Your Year Clear 5 Day Decluttering Challenge-Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of my Start Your Year Clear 5 Day Decluttering Challenge!

Each day of the challenge I will post the next step of the challenge here on my blog. If you missed Day 1 CLICK HERE.

Today we’re decluttering your socks!

Our homes and belongings are alive with energy and that energy affects our body, mind and spirit. That’s why clutter has such a big impact on our life. Clutter blocks the flow of life-force energy in your environment. Even your socks!

If your sock drawer is crowded it will produce feelings of overwhelm when it’s time to decide what to wear. 

Life is to short to waste precious moments feeling overwhelmed and indecisive about socks. 

  1. Start by taking out all your socks and put them on the bed.
  2. Sort through each one and notice what feelings they produce. Which do you like? Which do you never use? 
  3. Separate out the socks that are worn out and holy. These are the ones to let go of along with any you never wear.  Give thanks and let them go. Keep the socks that you love and find useful.

Less is more and more is usually a burden. 

Even your rag bag can only manage so many socks. Yesterday I told you about a company that will recycle your worn out clothes.

I hope that was helpful! If you’d like to take your decluttering to the next level, then please join me for Simplify to Thrive! My live online decluttering course where you’ll learn how to create a home that will replenish your vitality so you can flourish in the new year! We begin on January 15th!


I look forward to seeing you tomorrow for Day 4 of the Start Your Year Clear 5 day Decluttering Challenge!

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