Simplify to Thrive

Simplify to Thrive! Begins March 27th

Learn how to create a home that will replenish your vitality so you can thrive!

Things being said by participants of Simplify to Thrive!

“Truly a miracle.” M.G., Class Participant

“Life changing and healing.” G.C.. Class Participant

This class has proven results helping people overwhelmed with a life transition. It brings answers to those harboring the feelings of existing without purpose. It provides solutions to those living in a home that feels oppressive and energy draining. It inspires participants to live their lives more fully and escape the feeling that life is passing them by.

Stress and mental health issues are growing challenges that many of us are experiencing in the world today. Certainly, a pandemic, economic factors and other issues are contributing factors.

The biggest problem for most though is that they have no nurturing safer harbor in which to retreat every day. Their homes are not ones in which they feel the flow of rejuvenating energy, but of cluttered oppression.

Simplify to Thrive! is the course that will help you change all of that.

This course will help you clarify for yourself how your home affects your life and your goals in life. It will put you on a path of personal transformation that removes your blocks to fulfillment and joy. It will help you remove the things in your environment that reflects back your most negative and difficult ideas with which you deflate yourself. This course will help you see what is possible in your life and how dreams can become your new reality. 

Simplify to Thrive! The course curriculum includes: 

  1. Feng Shui
  2. Chi Gong
  3. Creating a vision for your home and life
  4. The emotional side of clutter
  5. Organizing basics and seasonal decluttering
  6. The 5 keys to holistic decluttering

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