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Traditional Spiritual Healing Open House

Come for tea and learn about Traditional Spiritual Healing at my Open House on March 25th

In our modern world we tend to think of ourselves as human beings who sometimes have spiritual experiences. But in reality we are spiritual beings who have human experiences. This is the wisdom of ancient traditions. These ancient wisdom traditions view the health of our body as inseparable from the health of our spirit. And they have very effective ways to treat illness and imbalance.

Traditional Nahua Healing is an ancient form of spiritual healing indigenous to the highlands of central Mexico. As a Tepahtiani or traditional healer in the Nahua tradition, I work with the healing forces of Nature to address the spiritual root causes of illness and imbalance. Offering this healing work is a dream come true!

The purpose of this healing modality is to restore balance and wellbeing-body, mind and spirit. It’s highly beneficial for physical, emotional, spiritual and life-balance issues of all kinds. I’ve found it to be very supportive when people are going through a life-transition or feeling like they are at a crossroads. 

Plants for spiritual healingSome of the benefits my clients have experienced are:

  • Relief from anxiety and depression
  • Feeling grounded and connected
  • Clarity and movement after feeling stuck
  • Sleeping better
  • Pain relief
  • Profound feelings of inner peace and calm
It’s hard to explain the what and how of this ancient medicine because the healing comes from working with the Divine Mystery and the healing forces of Nature.

At my Traditional Healing Open House I aim to shed light on some of those mysteries and share more about what this spiritual healing work has to offer. At the event I’ll also share about House Limpias which are a type of spiritual cleansing for your house. A common response after having a House Limpia is that people love how it feels in their home!

If you live in the Santa Cruz area I hope you can make it. Please RSVP as space for this free event is very limited. 

Traditional Nahua Healing Open House
Saturday, March 25th, 3:00-4:30 PM in Santa Cruz
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