Plant Spirit Medicine Glory

The CONNECTED HEALING PLAN is for you if you are seeking:
  • inner peace and heart-centered approach to life
  • better communication with people
  • better understanding of the self
  • finding your inspiration and life purpose
  • meaning and fulfillment in life

The CONNECTED HEALING PLAN emphasizes the healing modality plant spirit medicine and offers a combination of herbalism, nutrition and holistic counseling. Sessions are in-person at Megan's office in Santa Cruz.

Step One: Initial Intake Assessment

We begin with an intake assessment that is split into two 90 minute sessions (if you’re coming from out of town we can do it in one session). We talk about your concerns about your life, health and we talk about your history. Mostly you share and I listen. I also do a Chinese Five Element diagnostic physical exam. The intake gives me the big picture of who you are. With this holistic view, I create a treatment plan tailored to you. Even though the intake isn’t a ‘treatment’ my clients are always surprised how therapeutic it is.


Step Two: Plant Spirit Medicine Restore

Based on your treatment plan you come back for a series of 10 plant spirit medicine sessions. These sessions are designed to fit your specific needs and spaced accordingly as wellness deepens. The first treatment typically lasts 90 minutes and after that sessions last up to an hour.

Step Three: Plant Spirit Medicine Sustain

An ongoing plan of sessions designed to give you deeper healing and support with all accumulative long-term benefits.