Body, Mind, Spirit, Home Intensive

The COURAGEOUS HEALING PLAN is for you if you are seeking...

A full body, mind, spirit, home renewal and the deeper healing offered by combining both the Grounded Healing Plan and the Connected Healing Plan.

It provides you with the ongoing support needed to live your life courageously and cultivate a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.

It emphasizes both Feng Shui and Plant Spirit Medicine in addition to all of Megan's healing techniques - herbalism, nutrition, and holistic counseling - and it addresses all aspects of your life and surroundings for a comprehensive holistic healing intensive.

Initial Home & Life Assessment

Based on our interview, a questionnaire I send you and upon reviewing either a sketch, floor plan, or a short video of your space, I will give you an initial home and life assessment. This assessment takes place in a 60-minute phone consultation. You will receive my recommendations in a written form as well, which will give you an overall idea of what's possible, and how to align your life vision and your health with the space you live in.


Step Two: Step into Courage

Depending on your needs, your customized Courageous plan would include both Feng Shui and Plant Spirit Medicine healing modalities to simultaneously restore your own vitality and the spirit of the space you live in.

Step Three: Deepening Your Courage

An ongoing tune-up for your life and space that keeps you aligned with your inner courage, your life purpose, and the universal flow of energy that surrounds you in Nature.