Holistic Healing & Lifestyle Coaching Plans

Montero Healing Arts supports clients with holistic healing and lifestyle coaching by offering tools on how to take care of your life naturally: body, mind, spirit, and home. Each plan offers an immersion in a blend of modalities. Through Feng Shui, Plant Spirit Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Herbalism, elemental ritual, and depth healing work Megan emphasizes direct relationship with the wisdom of Nature, the body, spirit, and community.


Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

There is no doubt we all are dealing with mounting anxiety because of the uncertainties imposed on us by the pandemic. Nature has stopped us in our tracks. A healing session based on a blend of lifestyle coaching and spiritual counsel could be the much needed respite from the mental loop you are in. This healing session is especially for those who are seeking to reduce stress and find clarity and peace of mind. I will give you a toolbox of healing tips that you can practice on your own. The sessions are hour long and done over zoom or phone.

One healing session - $126
3 healing sessions - $333


The Power of Feng Shui

The GROUNDED HEALING PLAN is for you if you are seeking:

  • growth in income and career opportunities
  • better quality sleep
  • inner calm & peace
  • improved health and keeping healthy habits
  • new love relationships and improved family relations
  • deepening of purpose and fulfillment in life


Plant Spirit Medicine Glory

The CONNECTED HEALING PLAN is for you if you are seeking:

  • inner peace and heart-centered approach to life
  • better communication with people
  • better understanding of the self
  • finding your inspiration and life purpose
  • meaning and fulfillment in life


Body, Mind, Spirit, Home Intensive

The COURAGEOUS HEALING PLAN is for you if you are seeking a full body, mind, spirit, home renewal and the deeper healing offered by combining both the Grounded Healing Plan and the Connected Healing Plan. It provides you with the ongoing support needed to live your life courageously and cultivate a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.