Holistic Decluttering Coaching Services

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Holistic Decluttering Coaching Services

At Your Home in Santa Cruz or Anywhere Else Virtually

Are you feeling stuck and overwhelmed and don’t know how to begin decluttering your home?

Holistic Decluttering walks you step by step through decluttering your home with ease and grace. Turn overwhelm and stagnation into spaciousness, clarity and peace. 

Decluttering can be scary, I get it.

I help my clients go from ‘I’m stuck and overwhelmed and don’t know how to begin’, to letting go of their things with ease. They feel a huge sense of relief to finally have a supportive guide and because they don’t have to do it alone. 

We work together to create a home that is comfortable and organized so you can enjoy your life and thrive. 

We are a good fit if you…

  • are going through a life transition like retirement, starting a new career, a divorce or the recent passing of a loved one.
  • have clutter (big or small) that is overwhelming you.
  • have tried (or thought of) decluttering on your own and haven’t made progress. 
  • care about the earth so much that you are paralyzed about where your unwanted things will end up.
  • have lived in your home for 10 or 20 years and have never decluttered and have no idea how to begin.
  • moved in a couple of years ago and you still haven’t settled in yet.
  • have a spouse who is getting increasingly irritated about your stuff.
If you feel massive resistance to following through with your desire to declutter and you don’t know why but you're ready to try, I can help you.

I’m not a home organizer. I’m a Feng Shui Consultant and a Traditional Healer with a passion for teaching people how to declutter their homes. I bring these two ancient healing practices together to help you simplify your life in a transformative way.

Decluttering your home can help you to...

  • have a smooth and flowing daily life
  • feel more motivated and inspired
  • make decisions with ease
  • feel energized, happier and confident
  • experience more clarity and peace of mind
  • feel as if a weight was lifted off of you
  • save time and money

"I just have to say how incredibly helpful and powerful our clutter clearing session was! I am tremendously grateful for your support and good ideas. I feel very energized and excited about continuing. Thank you so much for all you bring to this journey for me. It feels very important, and life enhancing."-A.B. Santa Cruz, CA

If you’re skeptical about getting help because you’ve been pressured into getting rid of things you weren’t ready to part with, let me assure you, I will not pressure you.

Instead, I will gently teach you how to decide for yourself what to keep and what to let go of. I'll guide you and help you stay accountable to your goals. 

What makes this process holistic?

These five steps work together to create a new relationship with your home and belongings. This transformative process will support you to maintain a peaceful space and keep the clutter from coming back.

  1. Step by step process tailored to your space and pace.
  2. Compassionate hand holding and emotional support as needed to release blocked and stagnant energy.
  3. Exploring the roots of why you have clutter, so it doesn’t come back.
  4. Spiritual cleansing of the space to remove the energetic burden that the clutter has created. As a result, your space will feel lighter and vibrant, making it easier to continue the process and maintain the spaciousness.
  5. Applying Feng Shui principles to balance the ‘chi’ flow or ‘life force energy’ of your home.

This empowering process keeps you on track without pressuring you.

  • Each holistic decluttering session is 2 hours and we’ll meet at your home. 
  • We can meet 1x a week, 2x a month or 1x a month depending on the best pace for you.
  • I don't move things for you or take things away. But I will help you organize and give you a list of options for places to take your unwanted things.

If this sounds good to you, the first step is to contact me to schedule a free connection call to see if working together is a good fit. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • I can work with you anywhere in the world virtually. I find this process works really well on Zoom. 
  • We can meet 1x a week, 2x a month or 1x month. We’ll discuss the best pace for you.
  • I'll ask you to send photos so I can learn more about your home before our first session.

If my decluttering services resonate with you, the first step is to contact me to schedule a free connection call to see if working together is a good fit. I look forward to hearing from you.

I would be honored to work with you and your home. If you have any questions about my decluttering services please reach out.

— Megan

CLICK HERE to read a case study of how one client called in a new career and felt grounded and serene in her home for the first time simply by decluttering all of her clothes.


"There is a way that Megan walks you through some tough choices that is very transformative. And I can honestly say that when I really dove in and sorted the piles of papers, I now know where everything is. And got rid of so many things I didn't even know I was hanging onto. Or delighted in finding something that I had held onto and now know where it is and how to find it easily. I can't express my gratitude enough regarding how working with Megan has benefited my life. Once you complete the process, this truly is a gift to yourself that keeps on giving. I would say it is a profound expression of good self care and self love."
— Cindy Fogle, Maggie Valley, NC
"Megan's help with my clutter clearing process was a major boost. She listened, she reassured, she inspired, she provided valuable tips and guidelines. She was patient with my resistance and frustration, and she held me accountable. With her wisdom and Feng Shui expertise she helped me prioritize areas that needed attention, and her support has helped me make changes that have had far-reaching impacts through many areas of my life. The beneficial results continue to unfold. I highly recommend Megan's work and look forward to more opportunities to work with her in the future."
— Phen Canner, Pierrepont, NY