Holistic Decluttering Coaching Services

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Do you struggle with clutter and disorganization? Get compassionate support with Megan's holistic decluttering services.

I work with heart centered, sensitive people who find it difficult to stay organized and feel overwhelmed by the process of decluttering. They've reached a point where they realize the clutter and disorganization is an obstacle in their life and they're ready for change. They recognize that trying to deal with it alone is not working and they're ready for support. I take a holistic and spiritual approach with my decluttering services to help you navigate successfully through the process.

Gentle and Compassionate

We’ll create a plan that will empower you to have a meaningful relationship with your surroundings so you can find clarity and come back home to the essence of who you truly are. I’ll guide you step-by-step in a gentle and compassionate way. You'll learn how to make wise decisions for yourself, building your courage and strength, while creating an organized home that is calm and peaceful.

"I just have to say how incredibly helpful and powerful our clutter clearing session was! I am tremendously grateful for your support and good ideas. I feel very energized and excited about continuing. Thank you so much for all you bring to this journey for me. It feels very important, and life enhancing."-A.B. Santa Cruz, CA


1. We’ll begin with a free discovery session to see if working together feels like a good fit. If you decide to move forward then…

2. We’ll meet for one or a series of sessions (virtual or in-person). In our first decluttering session, you’ll give me a tour so I can asses your space. Taking into account your personal style, emotional and practical needs, we’ll begin working through my decluttering and organizing process that’s customized for you.

3. We’ll continue through this transformative process in our following sessions. Taking it step-by-step I’ll keep you moving forward on your path toward your goals.

  • Get the clarity you’ve been looking for to make confident decisions in your life
  • Increase your time, energy and money, simply by getting a handle on your clutter
  • Get clear actionable steps that will lead you to feeling more grounded and serene
  • Learn my Feng Shui decluttering keys that will promote harmony and flow in your environment
  • Receive compassionate handholding, support and accountability
  • Create a peaceful home that makes your heart sing

I look forward to guiding you on your decluttering and organizing journey, a journey that will bring you back in touch with your heart where you’ll find inner peace, clarity and balance once again.

— Megan


"There is a way that Megan walks you through some tough choices that is very transformative. And I can honestly say that when I really dove in and sorted the piles of papers, I now know where everything is. And got rid of so many things I didn't even know I was hanging onto. Or delighted in finding something that I had held onto and now know where it is and how to find it easily. I can't express my gratitude enough regarding how working with Megan has benefited my life. Once you complete the process, this truly is a gift to yourself that keeps on giving. I would say it is a profound expression of good self care and self love."
— Cindy Fogle, Maggie Valley, NC
"Megan's help with my clutter clearing process was a major boost. She listened, she reassured, she inspired, she provided valuable tips and guidelines. She was patient with my resistance and frustration, and she held me accountable. With her wisdom and Feng Shui expertise she helped me prioritize areas that needed attention, and her support has helped me make changes that have had far-reaching impacts through many areas of my life. The beneficial results continue to unfold. I highly recommend Megan's work and look forward to more opportunities to work with her in the future."
— Phen Canner, Pierrepont, NY