Welcome to Your New Home

Congratulations on the purchase of your new home!

Get fresh ideas for setting up your home and use Feng Shui to lay the foundation for a happy, healthy, prosperous life. I’ll help you create a peaceful, cozy home that nourishes your life.

Moving into a new home is an opportunity for a positive fresh start for a new beginning. Feng Shui can set the tone for balance and harmony for this next phase of your life. My Feng Shui clients tell me that their only regret is that they didn’t hire me 15 years ago when they first moved in! To celebrate this new beginning I’m giving new home buyers a $50 gift towards one of my Feng Shui services. 

“We really treasured your Feng Shui advice and implemented your suggestions. We feel it really helped. At our old house, I always felt something was off. Money kept flowing out of our hands! Now, I just don’t worry about money. It’s just a different feeling! Eventually, we are going to redo our front yard and we will want your input.” -Anna Brown, Scotts Valley, California

Feng Shui for Your Home & Life Balance

If you’ve purchased your new home within the last 3 months I will give you $50 towards one of the following services:

1. Feng Shui Consultation on-site~mini session $250 (1 hr on-site)

Perfect for when you want to focus on general furniture placement or a particular area in more detail like your bedroom, office or entrance, or to discuss remodeling ideas.

2. Feng Shui Consultation on-site~short session $500 (2 hrs on-site)

Perfect for when you want to focus on a particular area or two in more detail like your bedroom, office or entrance, or to discuss remodeling ideas. Excellent for a more comprehensive Feng Shui evaluation for a smaller home.

3. Feng Shui Consultations on-site~long session $500 for the first 2 hours/$200 hr for additional hours on-site

Do you prefer to have a comprehensive assessment and recommendations for your whole house all at once? This amount of time is perfect for larger homes when you want to dive in for a complete assessment of your entire home.

4. Virtual Feng Shui Consultations on Zoom~ $250/hr

We can do any of the above on zoom using your floor plan, photos or video tour.

5. House Blessing on-site ~$250/hr

Create an auspicious new beginning and sow the seeds of prosperity, good health and blessings for your life in your new home. This house blessing ceremony is also a purification for the property. It’s especially beneficial when there has been any inauspicious occurrences on the property or when the previous occupants experienced misfortune.

6. Space Clearing on-site~$250/hr

It’s highly recommended to clear the unseen energy in your home when you first move in. It gives you a fresh start in your new home. Our lives adapt to the energy of a space and can also get tangled with the energy of the previous occupants. Space clearing cleanses the predecessor energy and the emotional residue from those who’ve lived there before. This work is especially recommended when previous occupants have experienced any type of misfortune.

A beautiful blue front door welcomes you(Rates are for Santa Cruz County please inquire for travel fee for other locations)

All Feng Shui services include a powerful ritual that begins the process of sowing the seeds of prosperity, happiness and blessings. I’ll give you detailed instructions at booking.

All consultations also include:
  • an initial phone call to explore your goals
  • consultation questionnaire
  • pre-evaluation when you send me your floor plan or photos in advance
  • follow up email and phone support to address questions as you implement your Feng Shui remedies
  • support PDF handouts
“Over time, as we implement more and more of the changes you recommend, finances, relationships and all aspects of life have improved. It is incredibly helpful to have an experienced set of eyes pointing out helpful changes to parts of the house… So many of the cures are about making things feel better and be more attractive, not about following rigid rules. Thanks for all you do!”~ Jean Harrah, Watsonville, California

Megan Montero, Feng Shui Consultant and Plant Spirit Medicine HealerContact me to ask any questions and to schedule your consultation. I’d love to help you create an auspicious new beginning for this next phase of your life!~Megan

(831) 588-5424 megan@monterohealingarts.com

“Megan has helped us with the Feng Shui of our home, at different times over the last 10 years. She is a highly skilled Feng Shui consultant, very intuitive, sensitive and a lovely person. Her recommendations always bring more balance and harmony to our lives and it’s often a huge relief when problems magically dissolve after the cures.”~ Reija Bolwell