Feng Shui Consultations

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House Healing Consultations, Clearings & Coaching

To Help You Create A Home That Helps You Heal

Sessions Are Online Or At Your Home in the Santa Cruz, San Jose and Monterey Areas of California

(Spiritual healing sessions are also available at my healing space in Santa Cruz. Click here to learn more.)

Together we’ll turn your inner and outer clutter into clarity, spaciousness and peace. In a world that is out of control, you can create a sanctuary that helps you thrive.

My work weaves together Feng Shui, decluttering, spiritual house clearing and life counseling based on what will be the most beneficial for you and your home. I specialize in helping highly sensitive people who suffer from chronic fatigue and pain or other health conditions.

Feng Shui is a branch of Chinese Medicine

It's like Acupuncture for your home with the understanding that your home has a big influence on your health, in addition to all aspects of your life. 

Both practices are founded on the Chinese concept of chi or life-force energy that’s inside us and all around us in Nature.

But instead of taking the needles out at the end of the Acupuncture session, with Feng Shui we make subtle changes to the space that stay in place to foster good health and life-balance. These changes also make the space feel more comfortable and peaceful, and look beautiful.

For example, we may add things like mirrors, color, plants, wind chimes, art, or move the furniture, declutter or implement blessings and rituals, all to enhance the chi. 

Clutter blocks the flow of ‘chi’ or life-force energy in your space which has a huge impact on your health and wellbeing. 

Spiritual house clearing refreshes your space by clearing out old stagnant energies and rebalancing the spiritual chemistry of your house. 

In our House Healing sessions I’ll give you guidance for simple changes you can make to your space to begin to create an oasis to support your healing and recovery from chronic illness and remove obstacles to good health and healing. I may also give you more personal guidance for how to produce balance in your life.

Even if you don't have a health condition I can still work with you to help you create a home that is more comfortable, nourishing and peaceful.

This is what one client shared about her experience working together:

“Over time, as we implement more and more of the changes you recommend, finances, relationships and all aspects of life have improved…I had previously read several books and articles on feng shui. Having you come in person was much more productive than trying to put into practice cures that I had read about. It is incredibly helpful to have an experienced set of eyes pointing out helpful changes to parts of the house I felt *had*to be how they were. Working with you in person also cleared up my misconceptions. So many of the cures are about making things feel better and be more attractive, not about following rigid rules. Thanks for all you do!” -Jean Harrah

Feng Shui is like turning a wheel that sends out blessings in many directions.

“Megan has helped us with the Feng Shui of our home over the last 10 years. Her recommendations always bring more balance and harmony to our lives and it's often a huge relief when problems magically dissolve after the suggested remedies.” — Reija Bolwell


House Healing Session-90 Minutes

  • At Your Home $375 
  • Online $300

This is a diagnostic session including remedies. We can focus on one or two aspects of your home like your bedroom, office or decluttering, or if you live in a studio.

House Healing Session-2.5 hours

This session allows us to go into depth and I can see the big picture view of your space from the Feng Shui perspective. I give a reading of your space and give you Feng Shui remedies to produce healing and balance.

  • In-Person At Your Home: $625
  • Online: $500

This session includes a pre-session questionnaire, handouts and two weeks of follow up questions by email. 

House Healing 6 Month Program

To help you remove the obstacles to good health and create an oasis that supports your healing.

What’s Included:

  • We’ll meet online or at your home if you’re local, once a month for 6 months. These sessions include a mix of Feng Shui, decluttering, life counseling and house clearing based on what will be the most beneficial for you and your home.
  • At each session, you’ll get homework to work on in between our sessions.
  • Three 15 minute coaching calls for questions and coaching.

Reach out to me for more details and to apply.

Travel Fee For Appointments Outside of Santa Cruz
  • For appointments more than 35 minutes from my home in Santa Cruz add a $50 travel fee.
  • For locations more than 60 minutes from my home the travel fee is $75.
Red Envelope Ritual 

It’s customary in the Feng Shui lineage that I practice, to give your Feng Shui practitioner red envelopes filled with money at the time of your appointment. This is a powerful part of the Feng Shui process that begins to sow the seeds or your intentions for the help you are seeking.

To honor this tradition, in addition to my fee, I ask that for the Holistic View Session that you give me 27 red envelopes filled with a minimum of $1 in each along with the energy of your intentions. Other sessions will either require 9-27 red envelopes or none depending on what is being transmitted in the session. 

You’ll receive detailed instructions about how to prepare the red envelopes when you book your session.

If you're interested in working with me, contact me to schedule a House Healing Session or reach out if you have questions. I look forward to hearing from you.
— Megan


"I have been suffering with Long Covid for more than a year and half. Most of you know the story: fatigue and mental fog. The worse of it is that you do not seem to get better. I took a short seminar with Megan and I realized that my apartment was all “wrong”.  I engaged her and in one sessions she exposed the toxicity of my place and offered remedies.  What a revelation it was! No wonder I was not getting better.  People with chronic unexplained condition like mine often have to recur to unproven “voodoo” long term practices.  Megan offers no voodoo, just practical common sense solutions, easy to implement.  If you are in my situation, do yourself a favor and hire her. Feeling better in Colorado, Andrea Villa."
“We really treasured your feng shui advice and implemented your suggestions. We feel it really helped. At our old house, I always felt something was off. Money kept flowing out of our hands! Now, I just don’t worry about money. It’s just a different feeling! Eventually, we are going to redo our front yard and we will want your input.”
— Anna Brown, Scotts Valley, CA
“I’ve implemented probably 75- 80% of the changes you recommended. Overall I’ve seen some good shifts in my career and stability and growth in my income which is great. I am very happy with the recommendations you made and the subsequent results. It was time well spent and I feel more at ease on my property and in my home.”
— Kathleen, Carmel Valley, CA
“Things are GREAT here.  Remember how I told you that I was having terrible stress in my teaching position due to some very aggressive and combative parents?  After your last Feng Shui visit, it stopped.  I mean, it just STOPPED.  The parents pretty much just dropped off the face of the earth.  Instead of being demanding and barely cordial, they became relaxed and even friendly.  The nit-picky emails and comments stopped.  They expressed delight regarding their son's progress this year.  And there was nothing at work that I did differently!  I always gave my 110%, like I do every day.  The only explanation I can fathom is that the universe responded to the intentions that I set forth with your help.   THANK YOU so much for helping me to receive the calm and peace that I needed so much!
Do you remember how my husband was having such trouble getting a building permit for a big project?  It took two years, but he finally got it.  That was one of the issues you and I worked on.  Yay! I am now LOVING being in my home.  It is a two-bedroom condo and really too small for my family, but it is working. The solutions you helped me with have made this place feel warm, cheerful, and serene.  People come visit me and love the atmosphere - they want me to come help them decorate!  I tell them it's not the decorating - it's the chi!”
-Client in Santa Cruz, CA