Feng Shui Consultations

At Your Home in the Santa Cruz, San Jose and Monterey Areas and Anywhere Else in the World Remotely

Feng Shui is a 3,000 year old practice of bringing the balance between humans and our living environment. It's been adapted to support our modern way of living and is well known for generating prosperity and success for those who apply it to their homes. With the stresses of modern life, we need the wisdom of Feng Shui to enhance and restore our well-being now more than ever before. When my clients apply my Feng Shui recommendations, they experience more harmony in their relationships, prosperity in their lives and a feeling of serenity in their homes.

Feng Shui and Chi Flow

In your Feng Shui consultation I’ll assess the chi flow or life-force energy of your home and property and how this may be affecting you. Then I’ll guide you towards making small but transformational adjustments to the space that will balance the chi flow. This will in turn promote harmony and balance in your life. This ancient practice is a very holistic system and by adjusting the chi flow in your space it will positively influence many aspects of your life.

Your living space has the potential to produce anxiety, drain your life-force energy, impact your finances and health and hold you back in patterns you’re trying hard to change. Feng Shui creates the potential for your living space to nourish and support your life-force at a deep level and recharge and renew you from the stresses of modern life. In your consultation I will listen to your needs and concerns in order to understand what changes to make to the space to transform your life-challenges and so the space will support your well-being and help you reach your goals.

The Feng Shui Bagua

Feng Shui can influence every aspect of our life and turn the tide in a positive direction.

You'll Benefit from Feng Shui when you're looking for:

  • growth in income and career opportunities
  • better quality sleep
  • inner calm and peace
  • improved health and keeping healthy habits
  • new love relationships and improved relationships
  • deepening of purpose and fulfillment in life
  • clarity and insight
  • resolution of a difficult situation
  • feeling more comfortable and at ease in your home and on your property

Feng Shui Map

Feng Shui for Home or Workspace

You can have a Feng Shui Consultation anywhere you call home; house, studio, apartment, condo, cottage or rental. We can also work with your office space, commercial location, empty lot, remodel or a place you recently purchased or have lived in for a long time.

Feng Shui Map

Space Clearing & House Blessing

Restores the balance between the humans, the land, the buildings and the unseen realms. Beneficial for most life and home transitions including; divorce, bankruptcy, death, robbery, illness, moving to a new location, breaking ground, a new business and remodeling.

Feng Shui Map

In-Person & Virtual Feng Shui Consultations

In-person Feng Shui consultations are at your location in Santa Cruz, Capitola, Aptos, San Jose, Los Gatos, Monterey and the surrounding areas. I can work with you remotely anywhere in the world by phone or video.


1. We’ll begin with a connection call to discuss your goals, and see if working together is a good fit. If you decide to move forward then we’ll schedule your first Feng Shui Consultation.

2. You’ll receive a consultation questionnaire and instructions on how to send me photos and a floor plan for optional pre-evaluation.

3. We’ll have our first Feng Shui Consultation at your location or remotely by phone of video.

I would love to help you create a sacred space that is nourishing and supports you to prosper and thrive. If you have any questions about my Feng Shui services don't hesitate to reach out.
— Megan


“We really treasured your feng shui advice and implemented your suggestions. We feel it really helped. At our old house, I always felt something was off. Money kept flowing out of our hands! Now, I just don’t worry about money. It’s just a different feeling! Eventually, we are going to redo our front yard and we will want your input.”
— Anna Brown, Scotts Valley, CA
“I’ve implemented probably 75- 80% of the changes you recommended. Overall I’ve seen some good shifts in my career and stability and growth in my income which is great. I am very happy with the recommendations you made and the subsequent results. It was time well spent and I feel more at ease on my property and in my home.”
— Kathleen, Carmel Valley, CA