Feng Shui Consultations

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Your home is a mirror of your life and Feng Shui is a way to work with that mirror to support your highest good and wellbeing, and turn the tide in the direction of harmony and flow.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of bringing the balance between you and your environment. It’s about aligning your living space with the natural order and flow of the universe.

Over thousands of years, the Chinese sages observed that the places where we live and work profoundly influence the quality of our lives. They found that our human lives coordinate with the building and the land where we live.

They created this intricate system as a way to guide us towards a harmonious relationship with Nature so that the places where we live will sustain good health, prosperity and happiness.

Feng Shui is founded on the Chinese concept of Chi

Chi is the life-force energy that’s inside us and all around us in nature. In your Feng Shui consultation I’ll assess the chi or life-force energy of your home and property and how this may be affecting you. Then I’ll guide you towards making adjustments to the space to balance the chi flow to promote harmony and balance.

Your living space has the potential to produce anxiety, drain your life-force energy, work against your highest good, and hold you back in patterns you’re trying hard to transform. In my Feng Shui consultations, I pay a lot of attention to the chi of my client. I listen to your needs, life goals and concerns in order to understand what changes to make to the space so it will support your life. Feng Shui is a very holistic system, and by adjusting the ‘chi’ flow or ‘energy’ flow in your space, it can affect many areas of your life.

Benefits you may experience include:
  • growth in income and career opportunities
  • better quality sleep
  • inner calm and peace
  • improved health and keeping healthy habits
  • new love relationships and improved relationships
  • deepening of purpose and fulfillment in life
  • resolution of some of life’s most difficult challenges
  • feeling more comfortable and at ease in your home and on your property

The Feng Shui Bagua

The Feng Shui Bagua

The Feng Shui Bagua is one of the tools I use in a Feng Shui Consultations to read the ‘chi’ of your space. The bagua is a map that shows how your physical environment corresponds with the many different aspects of your life: Career, Self Knowledge, Family, Wealth/Prosperity, Fame/Reputation, Marriage/Relationship, Creative Projects, Helpful People/Travel and Health.

Adjusting the Feng Shui of your living space using the wisdom of the Bagua can support you in changing long standing personal challenges and help you move toward meeting your life goals.


1. We’ll begin with a free 20-minute call to discuss your goals, and see if it’s a good fit. If you decide to move forward then we’ll schedule your first Feng Shui Consultation.

2. You’ll receive a pre-evaluation preparation packet and questionnaire.

3. We’ll have our first Feng Shui Consultation at your location or remotely by phone of video.


In-person Feng Shui Consultations
In-person Feng Shui consultations are at your location in Santa Cruz, San Jose, Los Gatos, Monterey and the surrounding areas.

Virtual Feng Shui Consultations
I can work with you remotely anywhere in the world by phone or video. In a remote consultation, I’ll look at your floor plan, video or photos to evaluate the Feng Shui of your space.

Feng Shui for Home or Work Space
You can have a Feng Shui Consultation anywhere you call home; house, studio, apartment, condo, cottage or rental. We can also work with your office space, commercial location, empty lot, remodel or a place you recently purchased or have lived in for a long time.

I look forward to guiding you in creating an environment of inner peace and natural strength where you can pursue the passions of you life.

— Megan


“We really treasured your feng shui advice and implemented your suggestions. We feel it really helped. At our old house, I always felt something was off. Money kept flowing out of our hands! Now, I just don’t worry about money. It’s just a different feeling! Eventually, we are going to redo our front yard and we will want your input.”
— Anna Brown, Scotts Valley, CA
“I’ve implemented probably 75- 80% of the changes you recommended. Overall I’ve seen some good shifts in my career and stability and growth in my income which is great. I am very happy with the recommendations you made and the subsequent results. It was time well spent and I feel more at ease on my property and in my home.”
— Kathleen, Carmel Valley, CA