Simplify to Thrive

Simplify to Thrive

Create a peaceful home and calm mind when you declutter and organize. Renew, Refresh, Revive!

Simplify to Thrive is an online group program that meets for 5 weekly sessions beginning on May 17.

Clutter and disorganization cause us stress and anxiety, especially as our lives get busier. Reduce your stress by learning how to effectively clear your clutter and organize your space. Learn a simple step-by-step process to guide you in transforming your home towards peace and harmony. 

This holistic program is for anyone who finds it difficult to get organized, is overwhelmed by the process of decluttering and is ready to receive support.

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Feng Shui Workshop Online

An introduction to the ancient art of creating a harmonious relationship with Nature to sustain a healthy, happy, prosperous life.

Have you ever wondered if Feng Shui was practical to your day to day life? Are you looking to feel more at ease in your home and life? Join me to learn how the places where we live and work have a profound influence on the quality of our lives and how you can create a positive influence in your environment.

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The Deeper Roots of Climate Change

Learn about the time-honored and traditional relationships between humans and the Weather Spirits and how you can deepen and restore your relationship with them.

Are you concerned about climate change? Would you like to make a difference? Join Megan for an online seminar about restoring our relationship with Weather Forces from the perspective of the Nahua Weather Working tradition of central Mexico.

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