Simplify to Thrive!

Learn how to create a home that will replenish your vitality so you can thrive!
Join my 5 week holistic decluttering course that begins on March 27th to learn how to decluttering your home and transform your life.

Decluttering your space will allow the vibrancy, vitality and beauty of your life to shine through!

“Life changing and healing.” G.C. Class Participant

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Traditional Spiritual Healing

Traditional Healing Open House

Come for tea and learn about my traditional healing practice and what this ancient form of spiritual healing has to offer you. I’ll also share about the Nahua Weather Working Tradition and about ‘House Limpias’ which are a type of spiritual cleansing for your house.

Saturday, March 25th 3:00-4:30 PM in Santa Cruz

Space is limited at this intimate gathering so contact me to reserve your spot.

The Art of Decluttering Mini Workshop

The Art of Decluttering Mini Workshop: An Introduction to Simplify to Thrive!

Do you feel overwhelmed by the process of decluttering?

Learn 3 simple steps to remove clutter in your home and create peace in your life.

If you can’t make the live workshop, the recording will be sent to you. 

Clearing your clutter will transform your life!

Cost: FREE

Location: ONLINE

Date: March 13th

Please contact me if you'd like to watch the recording!

Weather Connection

Healing the Roots of Climate Change

Join us to learn about the time-honored and traditional relationships between humans and the Weather Spirits and how we can rebuild our relationship with them. Megan will share from her experience as a Granicera or Weather Worker and Ceremony Leader in the Nahua tradition of central Mexico. 

"The Nahua worldview is so different from our materialistic western conditioning ... the idea of reciprocity and relationship ... I love the way you compared it to our human relationships that require our constant care and attention, as well as a continual exchange of giving and receiving." J.K. Program Participant

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Contact Megan if you would like to host this event online or in-person.

Ocean Connection

Relax, enjoy and reconnect, with each other and Mother Nature.
Learn how to build a spiritual relationship with Nature for a deeper more fulfilling connection in life.

We’re lucky to live by Mother Ocean! Come experience her beauty and blessings in a whole new way. We’ll share and learn about our timeless relationship with her and all of Nature. We'll take a field trip to visit her.

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