Home as a Mirror of Life Feng Shui Workshop Purple House with red shutters and blooming tree

Home As a Mirror of Life

Free Online Feng Shui Workshop

Wednesday, December 13th, 5:00-6:00 PM Pacific Time

An introduction to the Feng Shui practice of working with your home as a place to bring forth your intentions for life.

In this workshop, you’ll begin to see your home with Feng Shui eyes, which will give you a fresh perspective on how your home influences your life.

Feng Shui is a practice of aligning your living space with the balancing forces of Nature to foster a healthy and prosperous life. It’s an ongoing conversation with your home and the universe as your life changes.

What you’ll learn:
  • You’ll learn about chi, the life-force energy that’s inside you and all around you in Nature and how the flow of chi in your home impacts the flow of vitality in your life.
  • You’ll learn about the bagua map, which will show you where the chi of prosperity, health, relationships, career and creativity lives in your home. This map is a guide on how to align your space with the universal flow of energy to empower your intentions for life.
  • You’ll gain insight and direction on changes you can make to your home to promote harmony, balance and flow.

I’ll also share, briefly, about options for how to work with me if you wish.

This class will be recorded and emailed you in case you can’t make it live, but I hope you can join us live.

I hope to see you in the workshop!