Traditional Nahua Healing

Holistic Healing that Restores Balance, Well-Being and Spiritual Connection with the Help of Nature

Ancient wisdom traditions take a holistic healing view of the body and illness. They knew that the health of our body was not separate from the health of our spirit and they had very effective and practical ways to treat illness and imbalance.

Benefits of Traditional Nahua Medicine~Holistic Healing

I work with the healing forces of Nature to address the spiritual root causes of illness and imbalance in all layers of a person’s being - body, mind, and spirit. This holistic healing modality is highly beneficial for physical, emotional, spiritual and life-balance issues and concerns.
5 star review

"I am feeling so well and experiencing so many positive changes! Answered prayers. I am so grateful and in awe.”
— Sarah Packard

What is Traditional Nahua Healing?

Traditional Nahua Healing is an ancient and time-honored form of spiritual healing indigenous to the highlands of central Mexico. The Nahua Medicine that I practice is specific to my path as a Granicera or Weather Worker in the Nahua Tradition.

In 2007, I was initiated as a Granicera in the Nahua Weather Working Tradition, after a divination revealed I had a calling to this tradition. In 2013, I was given the honor to deepen my weather working path through an intense apprenticeship training to become a Tepahtiani or traditional healer. I became fully initiated to offer Traditional Nahua Healing in 2021.

I am humbled by the grace of the Gods to be able to bring this traditional holistic healing work home for the benefit of the community.

The journey to become a Tepahtiani involves an ancient process of building relationships with sacred medicine sites and the Weather Beings who work through me to bring holistic healing, restore balance, well-being, and spiritual connection.

Nahua Medicine was developed out of thousands of years of engaging with the world and the natural cycles of living. It brings deep and lasting healing, life-balance and beneficial transformation.

Traditional Nahua Medicine

Come experience Traditional Nahua Healing at my home consultorio by the Ocean in Santa Cruz, California.


"Megan Montero is a phenomenal healer! During the session, I felt a powerful healing energy in the room. I am amazed that I was healed of lower back pain! During the healing sessions, I felt very relaxed. The pain I had in my lower back left and has not returned several weeks later. Megan is a kind, caring, and reflective listener. She is clearly a conduit of wonderful healing energy. I highly recommend Megan Montero for her traditional Nahua healing."
— Nate Saucier Soquel, CA