Traditional Nahua Healing

Deep Healing for Chronic Illness With The Help of Nature.

Traditional Nahua Healing sessions are offered in-person at my healing space by the Ocean in Santa Cruz, California.

I specialize in helping people who have chronic health conditions like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and autoimmune conditions, who after trying many approaches realize that something crucial has been missed. 

They sense there may be a deeper spiritual root to chronic illness and want to explore and heal those roots. I help them heal and explore those roots, feel better in their body and emotions and come home to themselves.

Through my own experience with chronic fatigue and chronic pain, I know what it’s like to be on an endless search looking for answers and relief. Working on the spiritual roots of my condition, with the help of traditional healers, is what helped me the most on my own healing journey.

What are the Benefits of Traditional Nahua Medicine?

Ancient wisdom traditions take a holistic healing view of the body and illness. They know that the health of our body is not separate from the health of our spirit. They also have very effective and practical ways to treat illness and imbalance.

Traditional Nahua medicine is an ancient form of spiritual healing that comes from the highlands of central Mexico. This medicine works in relationship with the healing forces of Nature to treat the spiritual root cause of illness and imbalance in our lives. 

It’s an indigenous shamanic healing approach that is complementary with other healing modalities, because it touches a deep place often missed by other forms of healing.

With traditional Nahua healing we clear energy blockages and repair the frays, thereby restoring the balance to your health and well-being. This clearing and restoration allows your true self to shine through and heal at a deep level. 

Imagine that you’re like a beautiful woven piece of cloth. Your body, mind, spirit and emotions are all woven together as one. 

The threads of your being extend beyond the periphery of your body, connected above and around you to the Sky Beings (Sun, Wind, Rain, Clouds) and below you to the Earth Beings. As you move through the seasons and the cycles of your life, you receive spiritual nourishment from these natural divine forces.

Challenges, changes and traumas that are a natural part of being a human, affect the integrity of our cloth. The cloth gets dirty and worn, causing it to fray and even unravel. In order to stay healthy, this sacred cloth needs to be cleaned, repaired and cared for in a particular way. 

Some fabrics are more delicate to begin with and some are more robust. If it’s not cleaned or repaired, then just like a piece of cloth, the dirt builds up, making it even harder to clean. It will then wear out faster, and won’t work as well. If the small frays are not mended and repaired, they get bigger, making the fabric even more delicate. When the cloth gets worn and torn it is easier for the blows of life to penetrate even deeper.

Traditional Nahua healing is holistic healing that takes care of the fabric of our being. Cleaning, mending and caring for our spiritual well-being which can heal all aspects of our life.

5 star review

"I am feeling so well and experiencing so many positive changes! Answered prayers. I am so grateful and in awe.”
— Sarah Packard

What happens in a healing session?

We'll sit together in my healing space and explore what you’re seeking help with. Then you may receive a spiritual cleansing or 'limpia'. You may also receive guidance and life counseling, or homework to help restore the balance in your life. 

A series of sessions is the most beneficial as it takes time to heal and most of our imbalances and illnesses have developed over many years. Having said that, people often notice a change in the first session. At the time of your first session I'll let you know what is recommended for you.

Sessions last about 60 minutes, and the first session is 60-90 minutes.

Cost: $165 per session or $1500 for a package of 10 sessions.

Working together may be a good fit if:

  • You have a chronic illness like chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia or an autoimmune condition.
  • You realize that the Western approaches you’ve tried so far have fallen short and something crucial that doesn’t come in a pill has been missing. 
  • You’re drawn to natural and indigenous ways of living and healing.
  • You’re open to prayer and receiving help from the divine.
  • You’re going through a life transition like a divorce, a loss or retirement and you feel overwhelmed and are asking ‘what’s next?’.
  • You’re on a deep and holistic healing journey and want spiritual support with that journey.
  • You’re searching for your purpose in life.

How did I come to be offering this work?

The Nahua medicine that I practice is specific to my path as a Granicera or Weather Worker in the Nahua Tradition. A series of unusual experiences and an illness led me to have a spiritual divination that revealed I had a spiritual calling to this tradition, and in 2007 I was initiated as a Granicera in the Nahua Tradition. 

As part of my Granicera path, I began a rigorous apprenticeship training in 2013 to become a Tepahtiani or traditional healer. I went through an initiatory process to become a Tepahtiani and in 2021, I became fully initiated to offer traditional Nahua healing.

As part of my training, I went through an ancient process of building relationships with sacred medicine sites and the Weather Beings through pilgrimage. These Nature forces restore balance, well-being, and spiritual connection for those who receive this healing work.

I'm humbled by the grace of the Gods to be able to offer this traditional holistic healing work for the benefit of the community.

Traditional Nahua Medicine

If you would like to learn more about me click here. If you would like to explore working together, contact me to schedule a phone chat and we can see if it feels like a good fit.


"I went to Megan Montero for Nahua healing sessions and experienced great results. First and foremost, Megan is very patient kind and an attentive listener. She really takes the time to hear your perspective and provide compassion, wisdom, and insight on what you are experiencing in an effort to provide another view point from an outside perspective looking in. I felt heard and understood and that she was really getting to the heart of the matter by listening with an open and non-judgemental heart, which really helps her to key into what's needed for the healing session. She is also so kind to follow up after these sessions to check in on you and offer more input and guidance that may be of help to you. I felt very safe in allowing her in and telling her personal insight and she created that environment of safety and acceptance, which is what makes her so special and unique.
After several sessions, I have experienced a really positive shift. Things have become easier in my life and I felt a divine presence at work during these sessions that Megan is able to call in to help in the process, which was also very reassuring and calming. I would highly recommend Nahua healing. This is a very kind, gentle simple and productive way to help clear things in your life that are no longer serving you and one cannot ask for a better person to guide one in that healing process than Megan!"
-Andrea D.
"I find your work as healer in the Nahua Weather Work tradition to be invaluable, as you have been of such great help to me in my transitional time. Megan, I am amazed as to just how effective these treatments have been! You truly have the gift. Thank you!"
— Paul Nolan, San Francisco, CA
"Thanks Megan! I had such a blessed day after our session- not a care in the world and handled my work day with renewed vigor! I was completely blown away at the intense spiritual comfort/support/healing that I received through your work. I am humbled by it and full of gratitude. Thank you so much for allowing my heart and soul to open fully and accept the immense power and healing the universe has to offer. I will absolutely come back for more treatments and will highly recommend you to others. I recommended you to my husband as well. Thanks again for all of your help, love and support.”
— Gina Carling, Felton, CA
"Megan Montero is a phenomenal healer! During the session, I felt a powerful healing energy in the room. I am amazed that I was healed of lower back pain! During the healing sessions, I felt very relaxed. The pain I had in my lower back left and has not returned several weeks later. Megan is a kind, caring, and reflective listener. She is clearly a conduit of wonderful healing energy. I highly recommend Megan Montero for her traditional Nahua healing."
— Nate Saucier, Soquel, CA