T.D. Mendocino, CA

Brightened and Connected to the World

I was able to see Megan for Plant Spirit Medicine sessions over the course of several seasons.  I found her to be consistently warm, friendly, deep listening and careful and skilled with her practice.  It was a joy to be in her space, and feel tended to by her and her relationship with the plant spirits.

I experienced the medicine itself in a variety of ways: sometimes I felt quite subtle affects during and after a session that seemed overtime to help nudge me to feel more deeply, be more centered in my heart, be more at peace, brightened, and connected to the world, and I also experienced changes quite noticeably during a few sessions- as deeply enlivening and unblocking.

If I lived closer I would certainly continue asking for her support in this way.

Perri Del Bianco

Immediate Results

Megan's Feng Shui consultations for my home yielded immediate results. There was a notable positive energy infusion, more harmony, and it just felt better to come home. A more specific outcome was the change after we moved my son's desk from behind our front door. He had applied for approximately 40 jobs and was becoming increasingly dejected. Once we followed Megan's advice, he was hired.

I was so pleased with the positive changes in my home that I asked for the gift of a birthday present consultation from Megan for my classroom (I am a public school teacher). Her list of suggestions and ceremonies were numerous. So far, I have implemented about 80% of her suggestions. I was struck by some of her recommendations because they involved changing parts of my room that had always bothered me, but I had for some reason felt compelled to keep. Results of Megan's consultation: best teaching year e-v-e-r (that in itself is worth its weight in gold), weekly comments about how good my classroom feels (adults and kids), and for me, a deep satisfaction and appreciation.

Megan's flexible approach and responsiveness to my needs was noteworthy. I had worked with another feng shui consultant, who informed me of the parts of my home that needed cures but I could not implement because they were changes that did not suit my tastes. Megan, on the other hand, was flexible in offering a variation of cures and treatments that work with both my sense of aesthetics and my husband's. This, in itself, is no small feat. I am looking forward to getting more help from Megan for my home and my classroom, and would recommend her work to anyone!

Kai, Santa Cruz, CA


Megan's Plant Spirit Medicine sessions helped me during an emotional healing time in my life. I felt embraced by Megan’s caring wisdom and transformed from the spirits of the plants in each session. Megan has the kindest eyes and supportive touch, especially needed during this healing time in my life. I recommend plant spirit sessions when one desires to move through internal blockages with the trust of the child and experience awakening so clearly. I am grateful to Megan.

Kathy Mckeough, Santa Cruz, CA

Wonderful Results

Megan is a quietly powerful healer. Her integrity and her clear connection with divine have produced wonderful results for me and my family. I would recommend her services to anyone.

Luna Suniga

A Ton of Weight Has Been Lifted

I have been receiving Plant Spirit Medicine for about a year now and it has been an incredible support to my daily life and how I face any emotions or challenges that come up for me. Every session that I have is a sacred time to reveal myself to 'them.' I leave my PSM session every time feeling very grateful, and that I was in a safe place with Megan, and I feel as though a ton of weight has been lifted off of me.

Many of my personal issues that I have brought forth have been in regards to my relationship with my partner. After having a PSM treatment, I have found that the plants help him too. We often end up having much clearer communication and he tends to understand me more.

Kathy Mckeough, Santa Cruz, CA

Strongly Supported

With Megan's clear strong relationship to Nature and the plant spirits, and her keen senses for diagnosis, I would recommend her as a Plant Spirit Medicine healer to anyone. In her care I have felt strongly supported to be the best I can be in every way.  Her warmth, sensitivity, and caring have been as important to my healing journey as the Plant Spirit Medicine itself.

Marilyn Berta, Santa Cruz, CA

A Deep Breath of Fresh Air

Inviting Megan to my house for Feng Shui sessions is like taking a deep breath of fresh air. Her insight into subtle changes that I can make to my house and the surrounding land help provide me with the vision I need to make my home a healthy, beautiful environment. Letting go of that which no longer serves me has allowed the space for new opportunities and greater harmony to come into my life.

Belinda Farrell

Definitely A Positive Experience

I was extremely impressed with the professionalism of Megan Montero who outlined my homework before she came in person.  Sending her the layout of your home is highly recommended before she comes.  I followed through with every "cure" she recommended to fix blocked energy flows. As a result, I felt stronger and welcomed more clients to my practice, a new relationship opened up, more money flowed into my life, and my eating habits changed for the best.  It was definitely a positive experience and one that I would highly recommend to others.

Kathleen Roberts, Santa Cruz, CA

Sold In Three Months

After Megan's Feng Shui consultation, my vacant lot sold in three months, after basically a year of no interest. Thanks, Megan!

Peter Brown, Olympia, WA

Quickest Sale of a Home Ever

My wife and I have bought and sold seven houses over the years, and working with Megan Montero brought about the easiest, quickest sale of a home ever.

Our home had been on the market for a couple of weeks with little movement in a depressed market. We had thought about dropping our price but instead decided to work with Megan to make our home more appealing to prospective buyers. Through her work and completing the recommendations prescribed, we received an offer shortly for a cash purchase and a two-week closing. When we balked at the quickness of the closing (We had hoped 2 months), the buyer said that we could stay in our homes rent-free for 2 and half months. The buyer did not ask for any concessions on our part.

Phen Canner, Pierrepont, NY

The Beneficial Results Continue to Unfold

Megan's help with my clutter clearing process was a major boost. She listened, she reassured, she inspired, she provided valuable tips and guidelines. She was patient with my resistance and frustration, and she held me accountable. With her wisdom and Feng Shui expertise she helped me prioritize areas that needed attention, and her support has helped me make changes that have had far-reaching impacts through many areas of my life. The beneficial results continue to unfold. I highly recommend Megan's work and look forward to more opportunities to work with her in the future.

Anonymous, Santa Cruz, CA

The Calm and Peace That I Needed

Things are GREAT here.  Remember how I told you that I was having terrible stress in my teaching position due to some very aggressive and combative parents?  After your last Feng Shui visit, it stopped.  I mean, it just STOPPED.  The parents pretty much just dropped off the face of the earth.  Instead of being demanding and barely cordial, they became relaxed and even friendly.  The nit-picky emails and comments stopped.  They expressed delight regarding their son's progress this year.  And there was nothing at work that I did differently!  I always gave my 110%, like I do every day.  The only explanation I can fathom is that the universe responded to the intentions that I set forth with your help.   THANK YOU so much for helping me to receive the calm and peace that I needed so much!

Do you remember how my husband was having such trouble getting a building permit for a big project?  It took two years, but he finally got it.  That was one of the issues you and I worked on.  Yay! I am now LOVING being in my home.  It is a two-bedroom condo and really too small for my family, but it is working. The solutions you helped me with have made this place feel warm, cheerful, and serene.  People come visit me and love the atmosphere - they want me to come help them decorate!  I tell them it's not the decorating - it's the chi!

Jean Harrah, Watsonville, CA

Incredibly Helpful to Have an Experienced Set of Eyes 

Over time, as we implement more and more of the changes you recommend, finances, relationships and all aspects of life have improved.  The biggest take away is clear the clutter!  Even after much clearing we are very far from any minimalist ideal but for me clearing physical clutter definitely clears my mind and seems to remove impediments to taking action.

I had previously read several books and articles on feng shui. Having you come in person was much more productive than trying to put into practice cures that I had read about. It is incredibly helpful to have an experienced set of eyes pointing out helpful changes to parts of the house I felt *had*to be how they were.

Working with you in person also cleared up my misconceptions. So many of the cures are about making things feel better and be more attractive, not about following rigid rules. Thanks for all you do!

Kathleen, Carmel Valley, CA

Time Well Spent

I’ve implemented probably 75- 80% of the changes you recommended. Overall I’ve seen some good shifts in my career and stability and growth in my income which is great. I am very happy with the recommendations you made and the subsequent results. It was time well spent and I feel more at ease on my property and in my home.

Anna Brown, Scotts Valley, CA

We Really Treasured Your Feng Shui Advice

We really treasured your feng shui advice and implemented your suggestions. We feel it really helped. At our old house, I always felt something was off. Money kept flowing out of our hands! Now, I just don’t worry about money. It’s just a different feeling! Eventually, we are going to redo our front yard and we will want your input.

Reija Bolwell

Positive Change In Many Aspects of My Life

The Feng Shui recommendations that Megan has given us have brought about positive change in many aspects of my life.  For that I am truly grateful. I have known Megan for about a year and a half now. She is a very caring and intuitive healer and I feel blessed to have worked with her. 

Follow Up 10 Years Later: Megan has helped us with the Feng Shui of our home, at different times over the last 10 years. She is a highly skilled Feng Shui consultant, very intuitive, sensitive and a lovely person. Her recommendations always bring more balance and harmony to our lives and it's often a huge relief when problems magically dissolve after the cures.

A.B., Santa Cruz, CA

Incredibly Helpful and Powerful

I just have to say how incredibly helpful and powerful our clutter clearing session was! I am tremendously grateful for your support and good ideas. I feel very energized and excited about continuing. Thank you so much for all you bring to this journey for me. It feels very important, and life enhancing.

Ky Carnell Russell, Felton, CA

I would not hesitate to recommend Megan!

I realized that I needed help organizing my home after we purchased a new home with a 6 month old. Fast forward three years later and I still had not fully unpacked, and my home was creating feelings of helplessness and chaos. Megan was incredible in helping me organize and de-clutter my home. As a clothes hoarder, the initial session was challenging but Megan was understanding yet firm in helping me realize what was no longer having a positive impact on my life. She encouraged me when I needed it and held me accountable, enabling me to eliminate many items that I do not miss. She utilized a fresh and unique approach that made me realize what I needed to accomplish and how this process would help me achieve the states necessary to move forward in so many areas of my life! In fact, I received a career opportunity just weeks after our sessions, which was one area of my life that I was focusing on. Overall, she was also very insightful in her approach to organization, and gave me some key suggestions which really transformed my office and bedroom especially. Now I feel serene and grounded in my home which is an amazing transformation! I would not hesitate to recommend Megan!

Gabrielle Mata, Watsonville, CA

Highly Recommended

Megan is a wonderful asset to creating a more happy and prosperous life. I had a feng shui consultation about a year ago and I'm still implementing her ideas and suggestions to me and my family's benefit. Highly recommended.

Jeannette Regala Smith, Redwood City, CA

Clarity, Prosperity and Happiness

Put simply, Megan’s helped bring our life to another level of clarity, prosperity and happiness.

Jessica De la O, Carrollton, GA

I’ll Never Declutter or Move Again Without Referring to her Guidance

We had to let go of most of our stuff and move out of state. Megan was such a great support for us in the mundane details, that really is an art form, and through a big emotional process of letting go. Her skillful know-how and soothing encouragement guided us with each step and I’m grateful for her patience and grace through it. I’ll never declutter or move again without referring to her guidance.