Heart connection between two people at sunset

Summer of Love, Summer of Fire!

Some years ago I was given a job that felt much too big for my britches. I had nervous butterflies and a racing heart almost constantly for a week. I was excited, but I was overwhelmed by the fear. What if I screw up? I’m not cut out for this job! My fear was overshadowing the love and passion I felt for my assignment.

Then I remembered something one of my teachers said to me, “Allow yourself to face anything you may have fear about. Take risks, be willing to make mistakes, be willing to explore new things you’ve never tried before. If you find yourself saying ‘my life is like this, nice and even’ wake up and say ‘I’m going to do something completely different, I’ll try something unknown, scary, I’m going to have fun with my fear, like a roller coaster’. Say something you’ve never said, do something you’ve never done and have fun with it.”

He also said, “physiologically fear and excitement are the same thing”. His guidance helped me realize that anytime I feel that “nervous feeling, butterflies and racing heart” my impulse is to assume it means that something is wrong and to try to get rid of the feeling. What if that feeling just means that my life is exciting? I decided that when I feel those sensations, l need to remind myself that I’m feeling excited and living my life to the fullest. I’m following my passion.

Summer is the season associated with the element of fire. Passion, Love, Joy, Laughter, Heart, and Connection are all associated with fire. In summer we laugh more, play more and connect more. The long days and the strength of the sun give us energy to pursue our passions. These qualities are all expressions of the heart.

Tune Into Your Spirit

Fire is the energy of our heart. The expression of what we love deeply and passionately. Fire is the stage of life where we step into the courage we need to overcome our doubts to express who we truly are. When we express who we truly are we benefit others. The fire in our heart gives us the courage to express our passions and our heart’s calling. Ask your heart, what am I most passionate about? What am I here to give?

Tune Into Your Home

Look around to see if your home reflects your passion back to you. Ask, “Does my home support the passion of my spirit?.” If the answer is no, add more fire. This could be something that literally expresses what you are passionate about like a photo or a collage. Or you could add passion and fire with color on the wall or in your fabrics. You can also introduce something that represents the fire element, for example; a candle, a wild animal print, the color red, the shape of a pyramid or hearts.

May the fire of summer ignite the passions in your heart!
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