It’s true, it’s true, Feng Shui works!

My client and her family were just starting to feel settled in their new rental home when they asked me to come for a Feng Shui Consultation. Little did my client know that eventually her husband would be exclaiming, “it’s true, it’s true, Feng Shui works!”.

Their new place was a stretch for them financially and they wanted to ensure that it would support them and their growing careers. Both my client and her husband are solopreneurs who work from home. Keeping the flow of new clients and projects coming in is crucial to their wellbeing and success. This was a source of stress for my client and the main thing that she was looking for help with.

My Feng Shui evaluation of their house and property revealed a pattern of blocks to the flow of prosperity and career.

A few of those blocks were related to the placement of their furniture. I gave them some options to rearrange the furniture to promote success. There was also a block in the ‘wealth and prosperity’ area of their backyard. In this area of the property there was a pile of junk leftover from the previous tenants and the junk was overgrown with weeds and vines. Not only was the area unattractive but it was blocking the flow of wealth and prosperity.

Cleaning up this area was on the husbands to do list from the moment they moved there. It was an eyesore that was weighing on his mind. Hearing that it related directly to their wealth and prosperity was a huge motivation to get it done.

The couple began with attending to my furniture placement suggestions and then moved onto taking care of their backyard. Shortly after clearing the snarl of overgrown weeds and removing the junk the husband landed a big project! My client told me that ever since he’s been chanting, “It’s true, it’s true, Feng Shui works!”.

My Feng Shui tip for you is to clean up your yard.

Your yard has Feng Shui too. The ‘wealth and prosperity area’ is the back left corner of your property and this would be a good place to start. Go out there and take a look. What do you see? What does this area of your yard tell you about your wealth and prosperity? Does the area uplift you? Overwhelm you? Is it a snarl of weeds and junk as in the case of my clients? Take a moment to sit and tune into the space and ask for guidance about what you can do there to create a positive, uplifting feeling.

The first step is to simply clear the clutter, like weeds or junk. The second step is to introduce something to activate and enhance this area. You could use a plant, a water fountain, a statue, but there are many other things you could do. Use your imagination and your creativity. What does the space inspire you to do? Remember Feng Shui rhymes with fun and play so enjoy this opportunity to be creative.

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