A Little Change Produces Big Results

Case Study

Mary had been volunteering her massage services to people with cancer. A cancer survivor herself, she loved being a helpful person in this way. But she was feeling frustrated that these clients were continually canceling at the last minute or simply not showing up for their appointment. The lack of consideration of her time was eroding the joy she had felt from being of service. Mary contacted me for a Feng Shui consultation to see if Feng Shui could help.

Mary lives in a small cottage that she loves and keeps in very good order.

Her home has only one closet so she creatively made a makeshift closet for her broom, vacuum and other household items by using a screen next to the refrigerator. The placement of the screened in closet was very close to the front door. This placement disrupted the flow of ‘chi’ or life-force energy coming into her house and created a block in the Helpful People and Travel area of her home.

The position of Mary’s makeshift closet in this area of the bagua directly corresponded to her trouble with clients canceling and not showing up for appointments. I suggested that she remove her screened closet and get more creative about finding homes for these essential household items. Although this seemed impossible, considering the limited space in her home, she found a way to do this.

The results of this small change were profound. The most obvious result was that Mary’s massage clients stopped canceling and not showing up.

Mary also experienced an unexpected shift in the area of her life related to helpful people and travel. About a month after removing the screen she took a volunteer position with a nonprofit magazine published by her spiritual community. What began as a small job helping the subscriptions manager eventually grew into a creative position writing articles and interviewing people. Mary discovered that she had a gift for this type of work and found great joy writing and interviewing people.

An added bonus to her job was the magazine paid her expenses to be a part of an important magazine meeting out of the country.

The meeting was held at a place where many people in her community had been and she’d always felt a longing to visit. Mary had always thought she’d never be able to afford to go there and now she was going all expenses paid!  It was a huge blessing and a dream come true for her. Eventually Mary was also given a stipend for her work on one of the issues of the magazine.

Mary’s experience with removing the ‘block’ in her helpful people and travel area of the bagua is a classic Feng Shui example of how one small change in your home can bring about a big positive change in your life.

Feng Shui Tip

Pay attention to the area in front of your doorways, paying special attention to the front door. Keep the pathway in front of your doors clear.  If you’re not sure if there’s room for something, move it for a week and notice the difference in how the space feels.

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