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What is a Spiritual House Limpia?

Every home will rejoice from having a House Limpia 

The heaviness, like thick mud, that I sensed in her space, transformed. Now it felt lighter, brighter and fresh. It’s easier to move through the space. She felt it too, ‘it feels lighter’ and it brought tears to her eyes. In the days following, she felt motivation. Also a difficult conversation with her husband bubbled up but it produced an unexpected resolution of harmony in their lives.

Many if not all ancient wisdom traditions have an understanding of the need to cleanse or re-balance the spiritual energy of a space.

As a healer in the Nahua indigenous tradition of central Mexico, I offer ‘House Limpia’s’ to cleanse and re-balance the space. This is very similar to what I’ve offered in my Feng Shui practice for the last 18 years. But in the Nahua tradition, we use a different process and substances to do the cleansing. It’s this Nahua approach that I’ll share with you now.

The word ‘limpia’ means ‘clean’ in Spanish and although we refer to it as a cleansing it’s not like cleaning something that’s dirty. It’s about restoring balance. A House Limpia rebalances the spiritual chemistry or spiritual ecosystem of the house.

Spiritual House LimpiaA house is a container that’s meant to provide shelter and keep us protected.

It’s meant to keep some things out and some things in. From a spiritual perspective, the fact that the house was built in the first place is a disruption to Nature. This creates an imbalance that has an impact on our lives.

In many if not all traditions, ceremonies and offerings were given to mitigate the imbalance created when building a house.

They had special altars to maintain the balance and did cleansing and rituals to maintain the balance through life’s many changes. There are also other things that disrupt the spiritual chemistry within a house after it’s built. These disturbances affect the well-being of the people who live there.

Disturbances like:
  • Strong unresolvable conflict between the occupants
  • Robberies
  • Crime in the neighborhood
  • Violence in the house or in the neighborhood
  • Leaks and floods
Other important factors to consider:
  1. How old is the building? Is it historic?
  2. Mold: Because mold has a spiritual presence, even after remediation it can still contribute to symptoms.
  3. How much disorder is inside and outside the house? When clutter and disorder reach a certain level it has a big impact on the house. It opens the door for further imbalances to come inside and disrupt the spiritual integrity of the space.
  4. Has anyone passed away in the home? When someone has passed away in the house, even if it was a peaceful death, a piece of the person is left behind and their shadow needs to be ‘lifted’. This is different than when there’s a ghost, which is also something serious that needs to be addressed.

These are a few of the things that affect the spiritual ecosystem of a house increasing the need for a House Limpia and the benefits it will bring.

When should you consider having a House Limpia?

  • If you have a sense that something isn’t right in the space, feel the space is stagnate or feel uncomfortable in the house without knowing why.
  • When something has shifted, ‘it use to feel good but now it doesn’t’. Or you sense a presence or notice that things move around, break or get lost.
  • You’ve lived in your home for a long time and want to refresh your space.
  • You’re experiencing health issues or are feeling stuck.
  • When you first move in is also an excellent time to remove stagnant energies to create a positive new beginning.

How it Works:

Step 1:

I’ll come to your home for an intake appointment to asses your home and interview you about your experience in the house. This allows me to make a diagnosis and determine what type of limpia is needed and what substances to use.

Step 2:

I’ll come back for 1 or 2 appointments to do the House Limpia depending on what is indicated in the diagnosis. If there has been a death in the house that would be a separate process that would need to happen before the House Limpia.

If it feels more appropriate for your situation for me to use tools from my Feng Shui experience I’ll let you know at the intake appointment.

Every home will rejoice from having a House Limpia as things tend to build up in the space overtime. Restoring the balance will help to keep you and your home happy and healthy. A common response after having a House Limpia is that people love how it feels in their home!

Contact me to schedule a House Limpia for your home.

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