Megan sharing about what to do when your spouse has clutter

What do you do when your spouse has clutter?

What do you do when your spouse or roommate has clutter is a question I get a lot. 

Here are my four tips for how to handle this delicate situation:

  1. Start by decluttering your own things first: When you work on decluttering and organizing your own things it will stir up the energy in your home. This will have an affect on the rest of the people in the house. There is a good chance they will naturally start decluttering on their own.
  2. Make it about you not them: Talk to them about how it makes you feel. Are you uncomfortable in the space? Is the clutter making it difficult for you to move through the space? Does it trigger stress and anxiety?
  3. Offer to help them: Some people who have clutter are very overwhelmed by it and have no idea how to begin. Sometimes the gentleness and support of someone else to help walk them through can make a big difference.
  4. Be kind: Sometimes people who have clutter have already been criticized for it or they may be hard on themselves about it. More criticism and judgment will only make the situation worse. Kindness and compassion will help to melt the resistance.

In this video I share more about these four tips for what to do when your spouse or roommate has clutter.


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