Blue front door

It all begins at your front door

A client emailed me saying, ‘I have an amazing Feng Shui story to share with you’. I love hearing amazing Feng Shui stories.

She has been a client for many years. We’ve worked together on two of her homes. It had already been years since I’d been to her home for a Feng Shui tune up. 

The story. In response to one of my newsletters about the significance of the front door, she was inspired to refresh the area around hers. Things had gotten cluttered, cramped and uninviting. She decluttered, cleaned it up and added beauty to make it welcoming again.

This is a good reminder to have a Feng Shui tune up every once in awhile so I can catch the important things that go by the wayside and slip through the cracks.

Welcoming front doorAfter she refreshed her entrance, she started getting more bookings for her airbnb. She was thrilled with the increase in business. 

Then she found out that one of her investments took off, giving her some extra income for a much needed respite at the beach. While she was restoring herself at the beach, she got six new therapy client inquiries. New and old clients came out of the woodwork to schedule!

Her enjoyment and appreciation for this increase in work has her eye on her front door with deep gratitude.

Your front door is the most important feature of your house. If it’s hard to find or if your entrance is cluttered and uninviting, this can block the healthy flow of chi from nourishing your life. 

If your entrance is hard to find, not to worry, there are lots of good remedies to attract the chi.

Take a moment to investigate. How does it feel standing outside your entrance? Is it easy to find? Do you feel welcome?

Feng Shui rhymes with fun and play so have fun making Feng Shui changes to your home!

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