Deeper Roots of Climate Change

Our Relationship with Weather

Saturday, October 8th 7:00-9:00pm

Do you worry about climate change? Would you like to make a difference?

Join us around the fire to learn about the traditional relationships between humans and the Weather Spirits and how we can rebuild our relationship with them. I’ll share from my experience as a Granicera or Weather Worker and Ceremony Leader in the Nahua tradition of central Mexico. I warmly invite you to join us for an evening of connection, chocolate, stories and learn about our timeless relationship with weather.

Cost: Free. 

Donations are also welcome. Send donations through PayPal using this link. Thank you!

RSVP: Space is limited so please RSVP if you’d like to join us. Contact Megan at to RSVP

What to Bring: Bring a desert if you wish and a mug for tea, tea will be provided. Bring a blanket and warm clothes for an evening outside under the stars by the fire.

Location: Private home on the Westside of Santa Cruz 

Here’s what previous participants have said about this event:

“Thank you for your clear, articulate presentation last night. I’m touched by the work you do and am letting your words & concepts sink into my body-mind. The Nahua worldview is so different from our materialistic western conditioning … the idea of reciprocity and relationship … I love the way you compared it to our human relationships that require our constant care and attention, as well as a continual exchange of giving and receiving.”~Jane Karp

“Megan, your talk was exquisite! So clear, moving, inspiring and so beautifully delivered. Thank you for sharing that with us. Afterward we got a beautiful rain! So wonderful. This is such an important topic because, without addressing what you teach in this talk, we cannot truly turn our climate crisis around.”~Maxima Kahn

About Megan Montero

Megan is a Granicera (Weather Worker) and a Tepahtiani (Traditional Healer) in the Nahua indigenous tradition of central Mexico. A series of unusual life experiences over the course of 10 years led Megan to seek a spiritual divination in 2006. That divination revealed she had a calling to be granicera in the Nahua tradition. She was initiated into this tradition in 2007 in Nepopualco, Mexico by Don David Wiley, the successor to the late Don Lucio Campos Elizalde. After an intense 8 year apprenticeship training, Megan became fully initiated as a Tepahtiani in 2021. She returns to the highlands of central Mexico several times a year to deepen her work as a Granicera and Tepahtiani. Megan offers community weather ceremonies in Santa Cruz and in Santa Monica to help build a reciprocal relationship with the Weather Beings. She’s also a Feng Shui Practitioner with 18 years experience practicing Feng Shui.