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Why do we hold onto clutter?

Why do we hold onto clutter? Why is it so difficult to let it go?

The answer is fear. Fear we will need it in the future. Fear that we are less than without it. Fear of making a mistake. Fear that we will loose the memory attached to it, even thought it stays tucked away, never to be seen again. Fear that we will miss it when it’s gone.

These are fears about the past and the future. What about the present? How do you feel right now about your X,Y’s and Z’s? Honoring your present moment feelings about your belongings, or about anything, is liberating. This is honoring yourself.

Honoring your feelings, no matter how uncomfortable, ultimately always feels better than resisting them.  Fear takes over and keeps us from being present with our true self and from living a joyful life.

Fear is a natural emotion that has gotten out of control in our society, it’s an epidemic.

Fear is the emotion associated with the water element and the mind. Fear in balance protects us and springs us into action when necessary; ”Yikes! There’s a bear chasing me!”, and you spring into action to protect yourself. The problem is when fear takes over and we respond to all of life as if the bear was coming for us. Fear of loss, fear of not enough, fear of fear. This fear is your mind taking over your life, masking your heart voice. The heart knows and the mind hesitates; but you can put your mind in service to your heart and give it a job to do. We all have a mind that likes to take over the show and we all have a wise heart who patiently waits for the mind to quiet down.

Joy is the emotion associated with heart, love and the element of fire.

Love and the guidance of heart transform our lives; they antidote to the mind.  While clutter clearing, feel and acknowledge your fear and ask your heart, “Does this make my heart sing? Is this truly useful to me and serving a positive purpose in my life?”.  When you choose to keep only the things that bring you joy and serve a positive purpose, you will transform your life.

It’s not about ‘getting rid of things’, but about taking the time to decide what you truly want to keep and cherishing the things that bring you joy.

When we have more than we love and use, the too much combined with things that don’t bring joy, waters down the specialness of the things you actually cherish. When we let those things go, we are able to appreciate and enjoy what we have kept because their essence and sparkle isn’t being cluttered by the other things. 

Your home is a mirror that reflects the energies of your belongings back to you. 

Surrounding yourself with the things that reflect your joy, along with the cherished useful things that keep your life going, is a positive affirmation for a happier and healthier life. Fear and doubt will always be there, it’s what we do with the fear.  Successful, happy people feel the fear and do it anyway.  Ask your heart what it feels and transform your life with love.

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