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Feng Shui Bagua Map: Marriage & Relationship

There’s a place in your home and on your property specifically related to the energy of ‘marriage and relationship’ according to the Feng Shui Bagua Map. Valentine’s day has me thinking about this area and it brought to mind a client story.

The ‘marriage and relationship’ area using the Feng Shui Bagua Map is the back right corner or your home, property, bedroom, office and any other room in your house. I’ll go into that a little bit more later, but first…

I heard good news from a client about the positive result from cleaning up the marriage and relationship corner of her home office.

I had been coaching her through a deep process of decluttering. As part of that process she moved her office to a bigger room in her house. The bigger room gave her the opportunity to spread out and have her very own personal hub. She was already months into making these changes and loving her new space but still getting settled and deciding where things should go. At this point, I mentioned that the back right corner of that room was the ‘marriage and relationship’ area of the Bagua.

The placement of a bookcase was in an awkward position in relationship to a table, which made it hard to access. I pointed out the deeper Feng Shui significance of this corner because I knew her marriage was weighing heavy on her shoulders. The way the furniture was placed was creating a block which could potentially be affecting her marriage.

Hearing of this connection was motivating and inspired her to take action right away.

Feng Shui Bagua Map FlamingosI saw her a couple of months later and with a big infectious smile on her face, she told me the result. She moved the furniture, removed the clutter and took it a step further by adding a vase with flowers. And to her surprise and great joy her husband did a 180.

He immediately started acting differently towards her. Previously her marriage felt strained and it was draining her energy. The distance between them was concerning. Now, out of the blue, he changed his tune and was being very communicative, appreciative and even amorous. Their relationship seemed to spontaneously go back to a harmonious rhythm and flow that they had known before but hadn’t experienced in awhile. What a relief!

It’s natural for relationships to ebb and flow and paying attention to this area of the Feng Shui Bagua will support them to flow with more harmony and balance.

Feng Shui Bagua Map

Feng Shui Bagua Map

The Feng Shui Bagua Map is a grid of 9 sectors that we lay onto a space. At the bottom of the map it says FRONT DOOR in 3 places and below that the words ‘Mouth of Chi’. When you place this map on your home, your front door or ‘mouth of chi’ will always be in one of 3 places: self knowledge, career or the helpful people. And the marriage and relationship area is always in the back right corner in relationship to the mouth of chi.

Most Feng Shui approaches read the bagua using the mouth of chi, but some place it using the cardinal directions instead.

You can place the Feng Shui bagua on your property, entire house or a single room. The ‘mouth of chi’ is the entrance to the space. So for example when placing it on your house the mouth of chi is the front door. When placing the bagua on a property, the mouth of chi is the entrance to the property. And for a room, the mouth of chi is the main door to that room.

If there’s an area of your life that you’d like help with you can enhance the corresponding bagua area.

The most significant bagua to address is the whole house but it is also good to address the bagua on the property and in the following rooms: bedroom, office, living room. You don’t have to enhance every area of the bagua, just the life areas you want to support. But it is a good idea to check them all to make sure nothing is causing a block or that non of the bagua areas are ‘missing’. In my Feng Shui Consultations with clients I pay particular attention to balancing the bagua and correcting missing areas areas of the bagua.

Would you like to improve your marriage or intimate relationship? Are you single and longing for a mate? What can you do to spruce up your marriage and relationship corner?

Feng Shui Bagua Map SwansFirst, look at the back right corner of your house, bedroom, living room, office and your property. Take notes on what you see there. What feelings are sparked in regards to your ‘marriage’ or ‘intimate relationship’ corners?

Does what you see uplift you and give you a feeling or harmony and balance? Does what you see make you think of intimacy and partnership? Or do you get a feeling of disorganization, overwhelm, loneliness, arguments, or does this corner lower your energy in any way?

If there’s clutter or anything that feels like an ‘obstruction’ or block then make it a priority to clean it up. Clutter has a significant negative impact on all areas of the bagua and our life.


Enhance the Marriage and Relationship area of the Feng Shui Bagua when…

  • you’re interested in improving your marriage or intimate relationship
  • you’re single and would like to attract a mate
  • you’d like to improve your relationship with yourself and the females in your life (this gua is the female area of the bagua)

Here are things you can do to enhance the marriage and relationship area:

  • Remove clutter and any images that look lonely or single, and anything sharp or jagged
  • Add pairs of things, for example 2 candles
  • Add an image of two animals/birds/people for example CRANES/DUCKS/DOVES or any creature that resonates with you. Animals that mate for life are even stronger.
  • Add a photo of you and your partner or if you’re single add a photo of a happy couple.
  • Add anything that speaks to your heart of love, relationship, intimacy, partnership, connection.
  • Use any of the following colors pink, red and earth tones
  • Add a plant or flowers-but use only plants with soft rounded leaves, nothing sharp or pointy
  • Placing a flowering Orchid in the marriage and relationship corner of you bedroom is a classic Feng Shui cure for acquiring a mate.
  • You could use any combination of the above to make a ‘relationship altar’.

You don’t need to add ALL of those things. Find one, two or three things that uplift your chi and resonate with your taste. When implementing Feng Shui solutions, always go for balance and harmony with the space as a whole.

May you always feel the love and connection that shines from your heart and the heart of Nature. Happy Valentines Day!
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