Taking Back The Control In Your Home

If you have clutter I hope you’ll consider decluttering your home. Why?

Because clearing your clutter will improve your health, mental clarity and focus. It will reduce your stress and anxiety. It will save you money and give you back time for the things that matter the most to you. What matters the most to you?

I believe that in order to thrive in the modern world we need to simplify our lives to what truly matters.

Our fast paced, consumer based culture puts a lot of pressure on us to consume and buy more things.

Sometimes it’s so subtle that it makes it very easy to buy into the message of ‘more is better’.

‘You aren’t good enough the way you are! You need to buy this and you’ll feel and be better!’ That’s the hidden message.

But many have discovered that less is more and more is a burden.

Clutter weighs us down, zaps our energy and has a negative impact on our health and wellbeing.

Our home is meant to be a place of rest that nourishes us from the stresses of the outside world, not a place that triggers more stress and health problems.

It’s not your fault if you are overwhelmed by clutter and can’t seem to figure out how to manage it on your own.

And if you care about the earth, thinking about where your unwanted things will end up can be paralyzing.

But even if you don’t consume much, new things are always coming into the house which means old things have to come out.

Our fast paced society also makes it difficult to make the time to take care of ourselves and our home because we are so busy keeping up with the demands of modern life.

But we don’t have to be victims of modern life.

We can take back the control in our homes and lives.

Taking small steps decluttering and organizing adds up and makes a difference. All we need to do is to take one step at a time.

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