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Make Room For The New In The New Year

Just as the trees have let go of their leaves in preparation for the new growth of spring, clearing out the old helps us to be ready for the new year.

Our home is a mirror of our life. Fine tuning our living space is a transformative way to transition from the past to prepare for the next cycle of growth and new beginnings.

This quiet, dark time of winter lends itself well to inner reflection and contemplation. This quiet reflective time can surface insight and direction for how best to move forward in your life in the new year. 

The new year brings a feeling of hope with its promise of new beginnings. What new beginnings do you wish to create? What small changes can you make to your space to help initiate those new beginnings?

Good endings pave the way for good beginnings.

How do we create a good ending as we say goodbye to the old year to pave the way for the new? We can do this by acknowledging and appreciating the learning and growth and the blessings.

It’s all too easy for our minds to focus on what we label as ‘bad’ or ‘not good enough’ or ‘didn’t meet our expectations’. But what if we focused on the learning and growth, on all that we received and shared, and all that went beyond our expectations?

May this reflective wintertime spark some insights of what you learned and received, and what you want to let go of to make room for the new in the new year. 

May the new year bring us all inner peace and harmony. Happy New Year!~Megan
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