Dreamy sky by the ocean: starting new things

Starting New Things Is Not Easy

Starting new things is not easy. It often brings up resistance, overwhelm and fear.

I’m starting a new thing of recording myself sharing something that’s hopefully useful to the world. I plan to share these videos on my YouTube Channel.

I have so many ideas of what I’d like to share, things I think ‘might’ be helpful. But the ‘so many things’ is overwhelming, along with my resistance to recording myself.

Yes, I have recorded myself before, many times. But not ‘consistently’ which is part of this ‘new thing’ that I’m starting.

So I ended up here, at the beginning, telling you of my intention to start something new. And to share my resistance to starting new things.

Starting new things takes courage. Something that we all have but often forget that we have.

What new thing are you starting this year? And have you started yet?

After I made the first video I felt so good, because I finally did the thing I was so resistant to. It gave me energy, motivation and inspiration! So much so that I made a second video about it. Hopefully that means I’m on a roll!

May you find your courage to begin starting new things, or anything you are resistant to.



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