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Simplify to Thrive Online Course

A Feng Shui Decluttering 4 Week Course with Megan Montero

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Space is limited to 10 students.

Learn how to clear your inner and outer clutter, and turn overwhelm and stagnation into clarity, spaciousness and peace.

I believe that simplifying our lives to what truly matters is the key to thriving in the modern world. In a world that has gone out of control, you can create a sanctuary to help you thrive.

This class might be the perfect fit if you …

  • have clutter (big or small) that is overwhelming you.
  • have tried (or thought of) decluttering and haven’t made progress.
  • care about the earth so much that you are paralyzed about where your unwanted things will end up.
  • have a spouse who is getting increasingly irritated about your stuff.
  • recently downsized and still haven’t fully unpacked or don’t fit into your new home.
  • feel scattered and don’t know where to begin.

If you feel massive resistance to following through with your desire to declutter and you don’t why (but you’re ready to try) this course will guide you through.

Decluttering can be scary. We’ll explore the emotional side of clutter and how to work with the anxiety and overwhelm that comes with it.

I’ll teach you a step by step process for how to decide for yourself what to keep and what to let go of so you can create a home that is comfortable and organized.

In this course, you’ll begin to see your home through Feng Shui eyes which will give you a fresh perspective on how your home and stuff influence your life at a deep level, including your health, relationships and finances. As one student put it ‘this will motivate the heck out of you to declutter.’ -J.W.

I’m not a home organizer. I’m a Feng Shui coach and healer with a passion for teaching people how to declutter their homes. I bring these two ancient healing practices together to teach you how to simplify your home in a transformative way.

What does clutter do?

Clutter eats away at our life-force energy. It cost us time and money. It impacts our mood, our health, mental clarity and causes chronic stress. It keeps us stuck in areas of life we are trying to change.

Decluttering your home can help you to…

  • feel more motivation and inspiration to complete projects you’ve been putting off and to pursue your passions
  • think more clearly and feel at peace within yourself
  • make decisions more easily, like deciding what to wear
  • feel more confident in yourself
  • have a home that you feel comfortable in and enjoy
  • improve your health and well-being
  • reduce your stress

There is no judgment in this class. I create a compassionate space where we can learn, share and grow together. This supportive container will guide, inspire and motivate you to clear your clutter.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • To create a vision of your home and life
  • Step by step instructions to guide you through decluttering
  • How to navigate the emotional side of clutter
  • Feng Shui principles to bring more harmony and positive energy to your home.
  • Chi Gong to clear overwhelm and anxiety, and to help you feel good and grounded

How it Works

  • We’ll meet for 4 live classes on Zoom.
  • Classes are recorded in case you need to miss a class.
  • Each class has a slide show and will have time for Q&A.
  • You’ll pick one area of your home you want to work on and receive homework to do between each class if you wish.
  • You’ll receive a worksheet for each class.

Dates & Times

Email me to get on the waitlist for the next course:

This is what previous participants have said about the Simplify to Thrive Course…

“I can’t thank you enough for teaching this class! It opened my eyes to new possibilities. I think what I loved most about this course was the realization that I am not alone in feeling overwhelmed by clutter. Everyone has difficulty letting go of sentimental items, gifts, and “what if I will need it again” items collecting dust. I also loved the fact that it motivated me to START decluttering, even if only one small area at a time. I have already cleared my bedroom of clutter, my kitchen counters, several areas in my office and I plan to keep going! It is a work in progress, but I can see how much more energized I feel already after clearing some areas.” ~Karen Phelps

“Megan, your workshop was life changing and healing. Thanks for the positivity and wisdom you share. I experience such transformation when applying your teachings. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone seeking clarity in simplifying their life-Immensely rewarding!”~Gina Carling, Felton, California

“I recently participated in Megan’s “Simplify to Thrive” online workshop and it was informative and transformative. I have already completed many of my ‘to do’ projects that have been lurking in my psyche for years, and I am actually looking forward to tackling the rest! Truly a miracle. Megan is very knowledgeable, understanding, compassionate and supportive. You know that when she is speaking, she is speaking from a place of experience and wisdom. Through her patient guidance and practical information, along with her encouraging approach, the inspiration and energy to tackle and organize some of the most frightful, cluttered corners of my large house naturally arose within me. I highly recommend Megan’s work to anyone who is seeking to bring order, inspiration and fresh ideas to their homes and work spaces.”~M.G., Canada

“Definitely felt it was a worthwhile venture to take this class. It helped clear things out from my home and storage areas, which in turn made my life more positive and productive!”

“Megan creates a gentle caring environment where you feel safe to share. She gives you wonderful tools to free yourself in a step-by-step process that is relatively painless. You can take big steps or mini steps. It is up to you. In Megan’s class there is no judgment or pressure. You are in charge of what you want to do.  She is always encouraging and supportive. It is not a competition but a personal journey of healing. Her approach to decluttering is simple, clear and effective. It works. For me it had to do with letting go and creating movement. Releasing things that I no longer loved, used or had room for. I highly recommend Megan’s “Simplify to Thrive” class. It has transformed my life. I have made room in my life for a new beginning. The windows are open, stuff is off the floors and the air is clear!”~Maralyn Kurshals

“When you take Megan’s decluttering class, you will have a look at how the health and chi flow of your house affects every single aspect of your life and health, business, work, income, family, career, etc. It will motivate the heck out of you to declutter first, and then work on the Feng Shui of your situation. She is AMAZING at helping with this! If you do this strategic work under her loving guidance I would wager that you and your family will reap many blessings, and be grateful, amazed and awed by what follows!”~Jody Wallace Class Participant