Begin to See Your Home Through Feng Shui Eyes: Your Home Can Support and Nourish Your Life

Your home is more than a structure where you sleep, eat and spend time with family and friends.

The building itself, the placement of furniture and doors, your belongings and any unseen energetic presence, all have an effect on the quality of your life experience. Your living space affects the nourishment you receive through food, air and water, your relationships, sleep, health and prosperity. Home has the ability to support you to thrive and live a life that nourishes your spirit. It can also create stress, contribute to poor health and hold you back in patterns you may be trying to change. Feng Shui is a system of bringing the balance between you and your home so that your home will support you instead of creating stress.

It is not necessary to have a fancy, expensive home or a lot of money to create a home environment that supports you to have a healthy life.

Any room, studio, condo, apartment or cottage can be a sacred space that helps you through life. Using your own creativity, intention and connection to nature, you can begin to create an environment for yourself that nourishes and supports your life. The practice of Feng Shui on the one hand is very complex and on another level it can be very simple, natural and intuitive. Sometimes when I give a Feng Shui suggestion to a client they say, “That makes so much sense!” Or “That occurred to me but I didn’t follow through.”

You can begin a supportive relationship with your home by creating the awareness that your home does affect your life in many ways. Acknowledge to yourself that how you feel in your living space is important and know that you can do something about it.

Try this process for yourself

Do something to quiet your mind and open your heart (like meditation, dancing or spend time outside connecting to nature).

Then approach your home from the street. What is your first impression? How does the view of your home make you feel?

Does it uplift you or bring you down? Does your body relax with a comforting feeling of home or do you tense up? Then go through each room and observe without judgment. Notice your impressions, your emotions and the sensations in your body.

Ask your home/room/heart, “What small change can I make to shift the energy of this space to bring support and nourishment to my life?” The answer could be as simple as moving a piece of furniture, removing clutter, adding a colorful shawl to a couch, adding a light or opening the windows to let the air and sun shine in!

Have fun with this process and learn to trust your intuition. Remember Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) rhymes with fun and play!

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