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Feng Shui Books: Are they helpful or confusing?

Overwhelmed about how to proceed? Worried that everything in your house is wrong and where do you possibly begin? Feng Shui books can be very confusing! They can also be helpful if you know how to read them. I hope to help you navigate through the confusion so you can benefit in your learning about Feng Shui.

I was inspired to write this article because of some of the experiences my clients had before they called for help. Although they resonated deeply with the idea that there is a significant connection between our lives and our living spaces, after trying to apply Feng Shui from a book they felt confused and frustrated. It was more difficult than they thought. The confusion led to worrying over things in their home.

It’s very difficult to Feng Shui a home from a book!

One of my teachers, Francine Peterson, says, “You wouldn’t do brain surgery from a book, would you?!” Feng Shui can be that intricate and it takes a lot of training and experience to get it right. Books give the impression that it’s easy but if you look further, they also explain the difference between getting help from a professional consultant.

There are many different schools of Feng Shui and some take different approaches to meet the same end goal of bringing harmony to a living space for the benefit of the occupants. Some schools contradict each other and this is what creates the most confusion for readers. Consultants also have their own style, experience and opinion. So if you read multiple books from different schools you will be very confused!!

There is no right or wrong approach. Each one has value. I suggest that you choose the approach that you feel drawn to and stick with it. Mixing different approaches in your home can sometimes create confusion in your results.

Reading a book about Feng Shui on the beachMost Feng Shui books do a good job at explaining the bagua map. When applied to your living space, the bagua will show you what part of your home relates to your wealth, relationships, career and other aspects of your life. Depending on your floor plan, some aspects may be missing and some will be enhanced.

The bagua is a fun and transformative tool for positive change. It can be fairly easy to apply the bagua on your own IF you have a simple floor plan. BUT if you have a complicated floor plan, understanding how to apply the bagua from a book can be very challenging and confusing.

You can still benefit from the Feng Shui wisdom shared in books if you have realistic expectations. Have fun with your learning and contact me for help if you are confused or need assistance with a serious issue in your life.

Feng Shui Books I recommend: Warning, don’t get them all at once!

The Modern Book of Feng Shui- by Steven Post
Feng Shui Design- by Sarah Rossbach and Master Lin Yun
Taoist Feng Shui- by Susan Levitt
The Western Guide to Feng Shui-by Terah Kathryn Collins

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