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The Feng Shui of Moving

A series of three moves in less then two months inspired me to take the plunge and begin training in Feng Shui. I had moved into two back to back nightmare houses and found out just how sensitive I was to place. All this moving had me deeply consider the Feng Shui. Becoming a Feng Shui consultant was my dream job, but I was a little shy about my interest in such an unusual profession. Did people actually do this? My dream was a secret I kept to myself.

Luckily, the third house was a gem

I followed through with calling the Feng Shui teacher I had a dream about. I asked her to take me on as her student. Her response was, ”We need to Feng Shui your home first, then we’ll sort out whether or not you’re meant to be my student.”

I did become her student and I credit this first experience having my house ‘Feng Shui’ed’ with drastically changing the course of my life for the better. Despite all the moving, I had been in a stuck place for years.  Now the positive changes I had dreamed about were coming true. Seven moves and twelve years later, I have implemented Feng Shui in every house since, and I have learned a lot about moving and Feng Shui. I’m glad to be coming up on three years in the same home. Phew!

Evaluate the Feng Shui before you buy or rent

It’s ideal to evaluate the Feng Shui of a house and property before you buy or rent, to make sure the place will support your health and success in life. In today’s housing market, people often have to make a decision right away, making a pre-evaluation difficult. The next best option is to have the house evaluated and implement the appropriate solutions before moving in. 

Feng Shui before you move in or soon after

Correcting energy imbalances and removing pre-existing energy through space clearing, and filling the space with positive energy before moving in, will help make settling in go as smoothly as possible. This is what I have done for myself and what I suggest to my clients. Sometimes the timing makes this impossible, in which case I suggest having a Feng Shui evaluation as soon as the dust settles after moving in.

Our bodies and lives coordinate with the building we live in.

It takes time for this to have a dramatic effect, but some people are more sensitive than others. It depends on the severity of the Feng Shui issues and also on the sensitivity of the humans living in the space. The longer the wealth chi is rolling down the hill, away from the house, the harder it is to catch it.

I highly recommend you take the time to thoroughly declutter your belongings before your move. Do you want to spend the time, energy and money moving things that don’t make you happy? Moving to a new home is a great opportunity to let go of the things you no longer need or love, preparing you for a new beginning. Believe me, I can say from experience, you really don’t want to move your clutter!

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