how to discover joy through decluttering,

Tidy up Your Home with Joy!

How to discover more joy and happiness through the art of decluttering.

Did you know you can learn how to discover more joy in your life through the art of decluttering? That you can improve your health, happiness, prosperity and relationships by working with the art of Feng Shui? In my Feng Shui practice I look deeply at the space for things that can be changed to initiate the balance my clients are looking for in their lives. I often find that clutter is the main culprit disrupting their harmony.

Clutter blocks the energy flow of a space which inhibits positive energy flow in our lives. Feng Shui adjustments will be minimally effective until the space is decluttered and organized. 

Years of seeing the life-changing results of decluttering, inspired me to offer decluttering coaching as one of my services so I could better support my clients. Now I coach clients how to discover joy through decluttering. Although my previous approach was effective, I found that using some aspects of the KonMari Method has taken the results to a whole new level. The KonMari Method is synergistic with Feng Shui.

Hallmarks of the KonMari Method

One of the hallmarks of the KonMari method is to focus on deciding what you want to keep instead of what you want to let go. The criteria for what to keep is holding each object and asking the question, “does this spark joy?” and then let go of what doesn’t.  Another crucial difference is to declutter one category at a time by taking everything in that category out of its various storage places. Then you go through that whole category all at once.

You’ll benefit from this method even if you don’t have an overwhelming amount of stuff.

When I did this myself…

I discovered that two of my ‘wear at home’ sweaters that had previously made the decluttering cut many times, did not actually spark joy. One of them I really liked many years ago but now it was worn out and I noticed I felt down when I wore it. The other sweater was very nice and in great shape but I realized I never liked how it looked on me to begin with. I had kept it because it was a ‘nice’ sweater and still functional for warmth. Now I discovered that when I wore it, it lowered my energy instead of uplifting it-the opposite of “sparking joy”. Another sweater that sparked a lot of joy, I almost never wore because I was too busy wearing the other two. Now every morning in the winter I wear the sweater that sparks joy and I feel cozy, happy and warm.

Positive side effects of the KonMari Method

A positive side effect of this method is that intensively going through this process of asking if our belongings spark joy builds our decision making muscle. I find it easier to make decisions about other things and have noticed a clearer doorway to my heart voice. I have a better sense of what sparks joy and what doesn’t in other areas of my life. When you apply this method to your whole house you radically change your mindset in a positive way, which is one reason it’s so effective.

You can learn more about this method in Marie Kondo’s best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Anyone interested in discovering more joy in their life will benefit from reading this book. Marie walks you through her method step by step in a fun and inspiring way.

If you want personalized support learning how to discover joy through decluttering, contact me for step by step guidance. I’ll walk you through this transformative process one step at a time.

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