A beautiful blue front door welcomes you

Feng Shui Tips For Your Front Door

Did you know that your home is the body of a being and your front door is the mouth? In Feng Shui we call the front door the mouth of chi. The mouth is where all the nourishment of life comes in to keep the building/body healthy.  This nourishing chi, or life force energy, helps to keep your whole life healthy, happy and prosperous. A front door that is welcoming and easy to locate is an invitation for opportunities, blessings and success. Implement these Feng Shui tips for your front door to nourish your home and life.

Evaluate Your Front Door

Take a walk down your street and notice your first impressions of your home and front door.  Is the front door easy to find?  Is the path to it clear and easy to get to?  Does your entrance uplift you and invite you in?  If you experience a moment of confusion as to where the front door is, the Chi may have a hard time finding you along with the opportunities of life.

3 Feng Shui Tips for Your Front Door

1. Welcome Opportunities and a Healthy Flow of Chi into your Home and Life
  • Clear the path to your front door and clear the area around it.  Remove anything blocking the door from the inside or outside (tables/shoes/coats/plants). Obstacles in your path will create obstacles in your life.
  • Use it. If no one ever uses the front door it is like a dead door. Using it will help bring healthy chi inside.
  • Create a welcoming and attractive environment. Invite the Chi to your door and uplift the entrance by using movement, sound, color, and healthy plants.
2. Movement and Sound

The movement and sound created by a wind chime or a water fountain will attract the chi to your front door.  Water represents the flow of money so make sure the water in your fountain is flowing towards your front door and not away from it. A wind chime is only helpful if you like the sound of it. Metal wind chimes are the most effective.

3. Color and Plants

Painting your front door an attractive color is an effective way to make your door stand out. Red is an auspicious color and good for attracting chi but only if you like it. One of my Feng Shui clients painted her front door a gorgeous shade of blue, her favorite color. It did an excellent job attracting the chi to her hard to locate front door, and it brought joy to her heart every time she came home.

Plants in colorful pots surrounding the door attract healthy energy but not if they are crowding the area around the door. A path lined with colorful flowers and a colorful flags (movement) are also good ways to attract the chi.

You don’t have to do all these things, do just enough to bring a smile to your face. The priority is to use solutions that lift your chi and enhance the whole building. Work to create front door enhancements that will make you feel welcome and at home!


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