Back to Feng Shui Basics with Simple Bedroom Decluttering Tips

Why is your bedroom considered the most important room in the house according to Feng Shui? Because the places where you spend the most time affect you the most and you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping! While you’re busy sleeping everything about your bedroom is affecting you. Let’s go back to Feng Shui basics with simple bedroom decluttering tips.

Sleep is a crucial time to restore our batteries and to nourish our health and well-being. We can’t live very long or sustain our health if we don’t sleep!

There are many things about the bedroom that are considered important in Feng Shui but at the top of the list is keeping it free of clutter. Why? Clutter blocks the energy flow of a space which will inhibit a healthy flow of energy in your life. When there is a healthy flow of energy or ‘chi’ in your bedroom it will nourish your sleep and improve all aspects of your life.

Simple Bedroom Decluttering Tips: 3 key places to look for clutter in your bedroom

1. Under Your bed

Do you keep things under your bed? The ideal bed situation is for it to be up off the floor with nothing underneath it so the chi or life-force energy, can circulate. I recommend that you don’t consider under your bed a convenient place to store things.

Anything under your bed will affect your chi while you sleep. If your bed was designed with drawers underneath it, then use them for things related to sleep like sheets, comforters, blankets or pillows. But first, do the clutter check-do you find all of those things either meaningful or useful?

2. Next to your bed

Do you pile your end tables with books, medicines, your laptop or cell phone? While you’re asleep, your chi is ‘energetically taking in’ everything that’s in the vicinity of where you’re sleeping. Those things have an impact on your chi.

The area around your bed is one of the last places you see before you close your eyes and one of the first places you see when you wake up. So, how do those things or the state of them make you feel? Do they lift you up or bring you down? Is the state of them chaotic? Keeping the area around your bed free of clutter will not only positively affect your sleep but also the rest of your day.

3. Electromagnetic Clutter

Electronic devices like clocks, cell phones, laptops, TVs, wireless routers etc. are getting more and more common in the bedroom, especially in the area around the bed. When they are turned on they bring with them electromagnetic energy which is detrimental to our health. This is a type of ‘energetic clutter’.

In the age of wireless, we are bombarded with this type of energy all day long. Sleep is a crucial time to take a break from this. Keep these devices out of your bedroom or turned off or at the very least set to airplane mode. Do whatever you can to keep your wireless router out of the bedroom and if there is no other option turn it off at night. In general, limit or reduce the amount of things that are plugged in around your bed.

The bottom line is that clutter of all kinds causes stress.

Sleep is a necessary time to have a break from the daily stresses of life. When you clear your clutter it will reduce your stress and bring you peace of mind. What better place to start than your bedroom? The more you can create a bedroom that induces a feeling of peace and calm the more this state of mind will spill out into the rest of your life.

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