Red and orange fall colors in the forest

Nature lets go in fall

Our lives reflect nature. What’s happening in the outer world is happening inside us. We can learn how to live a healthier more fulfilling life from Nature.

What’s Nature doing right now?

The trees are letting go of their leaves in preparation for the next cycle. The ‘letting go’ energy of fall lends itself well to the process of decluttering. This can be emotional, mental or physical clutter. Simply decluttering your physical clutter can clear mental and emotional clutter.

In Chinese Medicine, each season is associated with an elemental energy. Each elemental energy is associated with an emotion. Metal is the element associated with fall and grief is the emotion.

The essence of metal is about value. What we value we have the potential to loose. What has value and meaning to you? Is it your possessions? Your relationships?

Grief is a natural response to the loss of anything that we value.

Grief is a slow emotion and very cleansing. If tears flow easily for you let them flow. If they don’t flow easily, seek to discover what’s blocking the flow.

Our emotions are tied up in our things. This is often why clutter accumulates and why it’s so hard to commit to dealing with it. Decluttering provides an opportunity to tune in to your emotions and get present with how you’re feeling. Feeling our emotions opens a doorway to healing and transformation.

I invite you to go outside and take a walk and soak in the essence of fall. What do you notice about this time of year? How do you feel in fall? Take some time on your walk to reflect on the things in your life that truly have meaning and value to you

Sending you warm fall blessings!

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