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Relationship with the Living World: Plants, Weather & Gratitude~Part One/ Plants

Did you know that the plants, animals, mountains and clouds all have spirit?

Where would are lives be without the food, warmth, shelter and water they provide? These living aware beings are always giving to us. What have we given back? How often do we say, ”thank you, I’m grateful for what you give me.”?

I grew up playing in the woods behind my house. I loved the quiet forest, playing little games with the creek. I don’t have memories of talking to plants, nor was I aware of a special connection with the weather. We had a beautiful yard, but no garden, and no one in my family spoke about Nature. It wasn’t until I read the book, Plant Spirit Medicine by Eliot Cowan that I learned about plants having spirits.

People have been engaging with plant spirits all over the world in different ways since the beginning of time.

From talking to garden plants to working with sacred teacher plants like peyote. My experience is with Plant Spirit Medicine as taught by Eliot Cowan.

Practitioners of Plant Spirit Medicine work with local, common, wild plants, sometimes called weeds. You may not notice many of these plants growing in the cracks of the sidewalk and you may even spend lots of time pulling them out of your garden! The spirits of these plants are strong and have a lot to offer humans. Even in a drought they do fine with very little water. They’re very generous and it’s common courtesy to give back an offering of tobacco in gratitude for what they give.

Plant Spirit Medicine is a form of spiritual healing that calls on the spirits of plants to heal the spirits of people. The medicine is transmitted energetically to the client through the hands of the healer. No substances, teas, pills or potions are given.

Plant Spirit Medicine is about relationship, between the plants, the patient, the healer and the living world of Nature.

Plant spirits help us with our relationships: with ourselves, family, friends and the with Nature. I’ve heard from several clients, “I think the plants are helping my partner, he seems to understand me better.” This healing work brings the laws of Nature inside of us back into balance. This brings us back into the flow of Nature. It’s hard to put spirit into words but by and large people feel more connected to life.

Expressing your gratitude to the plants will also begin to reconnect you to a balanced relationship with  Nature.

You may already talk to the plants in your garden or the trees when walking in the forest. The plants are listening to you! Thank them for the joy they bring to your life. Thank the plants for the nourishment they provide you and for giving their life to sustain you. Offer them tobacco as a gift of gratitude in exchange for what they give you. When you eat, thank each plant and animal being by name.

The simple act of gratitude has a profound effect on the web of relationships in life. It gets the wheels of reciprocation moving in our lives and in the world. Reciprocal relationship is essential for balance in life. Nature appreciates gratitude. 

But where would the plants be without the sun and the rain?

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