3 steps to create comfort at home

There really isn’t much we have control over in life. But we can do things to move our life in a positive direction. That’s what Feng Shui is all about. Feng Shui enhance our wellbeing and helps us create a home that will provide strength and stability when the storms come our way. It shows us how to create a space where we can feel comfortable on all levels.

By balancing the Feng Shui we can take some control over how our home affects our life.

Life is filled with many situations that produce discomfort. But discomfort is often a necessary experience required for us to stretch and grow. I try to stay aware that discomfort isn’t always a bad thing. Staying safe and small in our ‘comfort zone’ isn’t where growth happens. It’s my experience that life loves to challenge us to stretch out of our comfort zones!

comfortable living room: finding comfort at home with Feng ShuiSo why not create a home that provides us true comfort to support us through the ‘discomforts’ and ‘stretches’ of life? 

One of the most common benefits I hear from my clients after implementing their Feng Shui changes they feel more comfortable in their home. For many, feeling ‘uncomfortable’ in their space wasn’t even the reason they contacted me. And for others, they felt so uncomfortable in their home that they avoided spending time there. After implementing Feng Shui, their space felt so good they didn’t want to leave!

By comfortable I’m not just talking about the mundane level of comfort, but also a level of comfort where your spirit can soar. Feng Shui helps you to feel more comfortable and at ease in your home and also in your skin-body, mind and soul.

The Duchess of Sussex, perfectly describes this Feng Shui benefit of feeling comfortable and at ease. I love this quote, she says:

“The ancient Chinese art of feng shui has been practiced for nearly 3,000 years…With so many layers of tradition and technicality, it may seem daunting to introduce to your home aesthetic and ethos…However, the core of feng shui is about making you feel comfortable and at ease in your home so that it can translate into every aspect of your life – so fret not.”

As she points out Feng Shui is not solely about making your space feel comfortable. It’s also about aligning your home with the forces of the universe to improve the quality of your life on all levels-health, prosperity, relationships, success and fulfillment.

Give yourself some comfort where you can! Here are 3 steps to get you started creating comfort at home:

vase of flowers#1: Bringing Nature inside is a crucial piece of creating a home that is more comfortable. Our ancestors spent a huge amount of their lives outside under the sky, with their feet on the earth, surrounded by the plants. This deep immersion with the natural elements supported their health and well-being at a deep level. 

Because of the structure of our modern lives we’ve largely lost that level of connection with Nature. We need to take the steps to get outside as much as we can. And you will also feel more comfortable in your home when you bring Nature inside. You can do this by adding to your space some of the following:

  • Fresh cut flowers
  • Vibrant healthy plants (use plants with soft leaves not sharp/spiky plants)
  • Hang images/art of Nature scenes.

#2: Place your favorite chair, the chair you spend the most time in, in the command position. There are 4 criteria to the commanding position:

  • Its relative position to the door is important, NOT the absolute direction.
  • It provides a WIDE viewing area of the room.
  • The ‘Mouth of Chi’ is in viewing range. The ‘Mouth of Chi’ is the main door to the space.
  • It’s not directly in the path of the ‘Mouth of Chi’.
What’s the value of the commanding position?
  • you can see life and opportunities coming to you
  • you can make wiser decisions.
  • you can be more productive
  • you’re in control of the situation

And without the possibility of someone coming up behind you and startling you, your nervous system can relax. For all these reasons you will feel more comfortable while sitting in your favorite spot.

#3: Decluttering your space is another crucial step to creating a home that is more comfortable. Clutter blocks the flow of life-force energy in our home. Clutter also triggers stress and anxiety, which is not very comfortable. Clearing your clutter will transform your life!

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I hope these tips will inspire you to create a home that is truly comfortable to your soul. If you need help, feel free to reach out to discuss having a Feng Shui Consultation or Holistic Decluttering Session.

May you find the healing and comfort you need for your spirit to soar!!~Megan
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