Blossoming tree in spring-what is the art of decluttering

What is the art of decluttering?

On the one hand, decluttering is the mundane act of removing the things in your house that no longer serve a positive, productive purpose in your life. Removing those things that are broken, worn out, no longer useful or no longer spark joy. And some of those things you may have inherited and didn’t even want in the first place.

On the other hand, decluttering is an art, and a doorway to healing and personal transformation.

We all know that overwhelming feeling, that weight and burden of what it means to have clutter. Clearing your clutter is an opportunity to let go of the weight of the past that is holding you back from the lightness of a bright future. 

We are connected energetically with our things.

So when we let go of clutter it frees up our life-force energy for new beginnings. One decluttering student said she started to loose ‘physical weight’ and rediscovered her dream to be a writer. A client received a career opportunity that seemed to come from nowhere. And many others who have cleared their clutter say they got their life back.

3 simple steps you can take to remove clutter in your home and bring peace to your life

Join me for The Art of Decluttering Workshop to learn how to remove clutter in your home and bring peace to your life. I’ll introduce you to Feng Shui ‘the art of placement’ and the concept of ‘chi’ and ‘chi flow’. You’ll begin to see your home through Feng Shui eyes and the energetic impact clutter has on your health and well-being. This will turn a light on that will inspire and motivate you to clear your clutter. I’ll teach a step by step process to guide you through decluttering so you can get started right away.

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