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3 Simple Steps You Can Take to Bring Peace and Calm to Your Daily Life

Nature is asking us to slow down, reflect, and listen. How are you spending your time? What do you hear? Here are 3 simple steps you can take to bring peace and calm to your daily life.

1. Fresh flowers/houseplants

Bring nature inside in the form of plants. House plants and fresh flowers bring vital chi to your environment. Studies show that fresh flowers increase happiness and reduce pain. If there was ever a time to treat yourself to flowers it’s now! Wild flowers/garden flowers/farmers market/grocery store/garden center – it’s all good!

2. Spend time outside

Getting outside and spending time in nature is good for your soul. You can cultivate inner peace and heart connection simply by spending time outside. Whether it’s moving your body on a walk, bike, or hike, or simply sitting in your backyard-it’s all good! Being in the fresh air under the sky, feeling the wind and sun and being surrounded by the plant people, will instantly begin to lower your stress and uplift your spirit. Nature attunes us to our heart. We can hear our inner wisdom more clearly when we spend time outside in Nature.

3. Tidy up your home

Spending so much time at home as we shelter in place means that our surroundings are having an even bigger impact on us than they did before. The things that surround you in your day to day life affect your state of mind. If you see piles of unfinished projects, things not put away, dirty dishes, day after day, it can trigger overwhelm, stress, and lower your vitality. It’s normal to lose track and for things to pile up, what matters is how long you allow things to stay that way. The more often you tidy up the better. You can reduce your stress and increase your peace of mind simply by straightening up your living space! Your home is your sanctuary and it matters.

May you find these 3 simple steps to bring peace and calm supportive as you navigate the many changes life brings. If you need extra support finding your inner peace contact me to set up a healing session or consultation.

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