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The Mysterious Healing of the Plant Spirits

One of the things that I find fascinating about the healing capacity of the plant spirits is how they mysteriously help the people closest to us, as well as ourselves, when we engage with them for healing.

A client came to see me because of communication issues she was having with her partner.

She loved him dearly and he loved her, but why was it so difficult to communicate? She was in tears and felt heartbroken. After a series of Plant Spirit Medicine treatments she said to me, “I think the plant spirits are helping my partner. He understands me better and our communication is much clearer.”

Another client asked, “Have the plants spirits been treating my wife? She acts differently after I come to see you and, like me, she is also making positive changes in her life.”

Another client came to see me because she was stuck in a rut with her boyfriend.

She had a tendency to bottle up her feelings, then lash out at him in anger, and then retreat in silence for days. She was angry at him for using drugs recreationally. It upset her because she felt disconnected from him when he was high, but she was also frustrated with herself for not being more accepting of his choices.

I knew that she needed the help of a plant spirit who would give her the strength and courage to feel her feelings and express them instead of bottling them up and then exploding. I knew just which plant to call on for help. As she lay relaxing on the treatment table, I called on the spirit of one of my plant friends to come through my hands to help her.

The most mysterious thing happened.

After a series of Plant Spirit Medicine treatments, her boyfriend stopped taking drugs. She started expressing her feelings in a more balanced way instead of suppressing them before going into a rage. It became easier and more natural to communicate with her boyfriend. She discovered that he was willing to listen and share his feelings too. The couple started to enjoy their relationship in a way that they hadn’t for years. The communication between them was no longer a source of frustration but a source of healing. 

These stories demonstrate how deeply we are all connected. As we begin to heal ourselves, we see our loved ones can also change in positive ways. This feeling of connection is something that we all long for and is one of the deepest gifts of Plant Spirit Medicine.


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