Unleash your creativity with Feng Shui

Do you like to express yourself through your environment? Feng Shui can be a springboard to expressing your creativity.

Feng Shui can be a really fun way to express your creativity. If you don’t consider yourself a creative person of have had a hard time expressing yourself through your environment, Feng Shui can be a tool to help you explore that.

Feng Shui is an intricate system that follows basic principles but it’s also an art.

The art is applying those principles to each unique situation. That’s where creativity and intuition come in. The client and practitioner work together to find the best solution. 

You can express your creativity and personal style with Feng Shui.

I like to encourage my clients to explore their own creativity and style and try to nudge them to find the cure that lights them up. Very often the best ‘Feng Shui cures’ come directly from my clients own inspiration and creativity and are totally unique to them and their space. 

Gina’s office is a great example.

My friend Gina Carling asked me to come for a Feng Shui consultation to help her set up her new real estate office at David Lyng in Scotts Valley, California. Gina’s been a top producing real estate agent for many years and she wanted to do all she could to her new office so that it would continue to support her good work in the world. 

This before photo is simply where the movers put everything when they brought it in. Gina decided to have me come as soon as she moved in for guidance about how to set things up. That’s always the best time to implement the Feng Shui!

Gina is extremely motivated and knows how to get things done, so as soon as I left she got right to work at setting up her office and put everything we talked about into place. She’s also a very creative person and was able to express her own creativity while following the principles we discussed. She came up with a number of beautiful and unique solutions following my recommendations for adjusting the Chi flow. And the after photo at the top is the amazing result!


What you can’t see is the deeper meaning behind the placement of just about everything in the office.

Feng Shui is also called the art of placement and it’s a way to arrange your environment to support your life on a much deeper level. Now Gina’s office is working for her, supporting her highest good as a real estate agent. If you’re looking to buy or sell your property in Santa Cruz County, I highly recommend that you contact Gina!

I hope this inspires you to think creatively as you work to adjust the chi flow in your environment. Have fun expressing your creativity with Feng Shui and let your creativity soar!

In Gina’s words: My productivity has gone through the roof!

“Megan Montero is an expert Feng Shui professional! She helped me execute a plan that would allow for great energy flow, yet was peaceful and harmonious. Megan was very thorough and answered all of my questions. She is clear and calming-the stress just seemed to disappear! She encouraged me to follow up with her and ask any questions as they came up. I was able to get the office set up within a few hours of our consult. My colleagues were so thrilled at the outcome they called Megan for a consult as well for their offices. I can honestly say I truly enjoy coming to work- my office is a joy to be in. My clients and co-workers are always complimenting it and my productivity has gone through the roof! Thank you Megan Montero for your amazing work! If you are needing a positive change in your home, office and life call Megan- you will be transformed in such a wonderful way!” ~Gina Carling, Top Producing Agent with David Lyng Real Estate

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