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Do you find it difficult to stay organized?

Do you find it difficult to stay organized? If you do, I assure you, you’re not alone. Many people find it difficult. Having a full, busy life can make it challenging. Once a space gets disorganized and cluttered, it can easily spiral and get out of control, making it more difficult to deal with. Clutter and disorganization attract more clutter and disorganization, and then the resistance builds up.

5 things that make it difficult to stay organized

I hope this will shed light on your situation, and bring you some inspiration and peace of mind.

1. In case it’s not obvious, clutter is often the root of disorganization. 

Clutter is anything that’s unloved, unused and unorganized. It can also be things that you love and find useful if there’s too much in the space. A space can only hold so many things before the energy in the space gets stagnant. Too many things in a space will make it difficult to stay organized. 

In regards to ‘to much in a space’, this could be extra challenging for you if you’ve moved to a smaller home or inherited things from a parent who’s passed away. 

If you’re struggling to stay organized, I recommend that you begin by decluttering your space first.

2. Sometimes the furniture or storage isn’t conducive to the needs and simply getting a bigger desk or another table, or a bookshelf can be really helpful. 

But this isn’t usually the main issue with disorganization. It’s common for people to get stuck in, ‘I don’t have enough storage space or the right furniture’. But after decluttering they often find that their storage space is just right.

I recommend decluttering first and then reevaluating to see if the addition of an extra piece of furniture will be helpful. 

3. A place for everything and everything in its place

I’m sure you’ve heard that before. When there isn’t a designated spot for everything in your house then you don’t have a clear understanding of where the thing lives and where to put it back after using it. This will ultimately end up creating clutter and disorganization. 

I recommend that after you declutter you make a conscious decision where you are going to put each of your things. 

4. Something about the way the space is arranged is not using the space to  its full potential. This can work against your best efforts to stay organized. 

How the furniture is arranged can make a big difference in your quality of life and support you to stay organized. This is where a Feng Shui perspective comes in handy. This is because in Feng Shui we pay a lot of attention to arranging furniture to promote, organization, harmony, flow, relaxation, and even success. Feng Shui is also called ‘the Art of Placement’.

Take a look at how the furniture is arranged in your space to see if you can come up with an arrangement that would make it easier to stay organized. 

5. Sometimes the design of the room or house itself creates an awkward space to work within the first place. This can make it a challenge to figure out how to arrange things in a way that feels comfortable and easy to use. 

This could ultimately making it more difficult to stay organized if this is already a challenge for you. Some examples are when a room has slanted walls, or too many doors. This is another area where a Feng Shui perspective can be helpful.

Take a look around the room you’re working with and notice if the design of the space itself is posing obstacles to arranging your things in a way that feels comfortable and easy to use.

I really hope this has been helpful and has given you a sense of the bigger picture of some of the various things that can work together to make organizing  difficult. Sometimes awareness is the key thing we need to motivate and move things forward. If you get stuck and want some help, reach out to learn more about decluttering coaching.

Have fun working on your home and may your journey decluttering bring you peace of mind.



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