What will 2021 bring?

Are you thinking about your goals and intentions for 2021? Are you eager to leave 2020 behind? What will 2021 bring?

The saying, good endings create good beginnings, is a wisdom that I apply to my own life during times of transition. I find it to be helpful and true. By working to create a good ending through gratitude and learning, it opens the doorway for a good beginning for what’s to come.

You can use it as a guide in any transition in your life. Ending a relationship? Moving to a new home? Changing jobs or careers? It comes to my mind that this wisdom is particularly valuable right now as we say goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021. 2020 has been an exceptionally challenging year and many are eager to leave it behind.

There’s no question that 2020 has been challenging, not only in the greater world around us but also for many in our personal lives and our day to day lives have been greatly impacted. And yet many have also experienced, myself included, many unexpected blessings hidden amongst the challenges.

By honoring the blessings that came with the challenges as we say goodbye to 2020, we open the door for a good beginning for 2021.

As you look to the new year with eyes on your intentions and goals for the future, look back at the wisdom gleamed from 2020 with gratitude. This will strengthen the energy of all our intentions for the new year to come!

The new year offers a potent time to align your home with your goals and intentions using Feng Shui. Working on your sanctuary with Feng Shui, aligns your life with the universal flow of energy which will support you in achieving your goals for the new year. Contact me for a virtual or in-person Feng Shui Consultation, or a Feng Shui tune up, to align your home with your goals and intentions for 2021.

May the new year bring many blessings of good health, good fortune, inner peace and happiness to your home and life! ~ Megan


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