Soothing River

How do we proceed?

We thought we were rounding the corner headed to the homestretch. But that doesn’t seem to be the case any longer. Back to a limbo place of not sure where this is going but it doesn’t look good. Things have opened up but will they remain? How do we proceed?

The best that we can do right now is slow down, listen and reflect.

The changes and uncertainty will naturally increase our fears of getting sick, more social isolation and perhaps not having work. Taking the time to cultivate a practice of keeping these fears in balance will go a long way to guide us through this next wave.

One of the best ways to do this is simply go outside and be in the presence of the natural world.

Spending time in Nature is good for our spirit and will help to quiet our mind and fears. Take some quiet time to be with the plants, the trees, the water, the sun, the sky. Allow the beauty of Nature to wash over you and calm your mind and reconnect you to your heart. Plug yourself back into the source, the great mystery to support you to be grounded and guided through this next wave of uncertainty.

Here’s a favorite blog of times past that gives 3 simple steps you can take to bring peace and calm to your daily life, which could be very helpful right now! Click here to read 3 Simple steps to bring peace and calm.

Here’s another one that speaks to this time or year and our ongoing dance with uncertainty, click here to read Celebrate the Sweetness of Life.

Creating a living space that reflects the balance and beauty of Nature using Feng Shui will support your inner calm through the storms. Feng Shui aligns our living space with the Natural flow of the universe with the purpose of promoting balance and flow in our life. Feng Shui is like an anchor that supports our well-being through times of change.
May the golden glow of late summer wrap her arms around you and comfort you in the days to come. ~ With blessings, Megan
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