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What do you value the most?

This year has been calling us to review what we truly value in life. What do you value the most?

There have been many big changes, many losses and many surprises. And lots of time for reflection. What have you discovered about your life that you value the most? What have you been most grateful for? Many have learned that it’s our relationships and not our things that we value and appreciate the most.

Decluttering is a process of reviewing our belongings to determine what has value and meaning, and letting go of those things that don’t. This is a good thing to do because when clutter accumulates in your environment it takes up your time, energy, money and space away from those experiences in life that have the most meaning.  Clutter interferes with our relationships, our work and from enjoying our lives to the fullest. 

And of course clutter is different for everyone.

My definition of clutter is anything that’s unloved, unused and unorganized. It can even be things you love and find useful if you don’t have the room for them. A space can only hold so many things before the energy gets stuck and stagnant.

By taking the time out of your busy life to take stock of what truly has value and meaning to you, and then letting go of the things that don’t, you will experience more joy and fulfillment in your life.

May the essence of fall, the season when Nature lets go, support you in discovering what truly has the most value and meaning in your life. ~Megan
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