Red, Yellow, Purple Harvested Corn

Celebrate the Sweetness of Life

We could use a little sweetness right now. With so much pain, loss and uncertainty happening in the world it’s easy to get overwhelmed, scared and stressed out. So it’s crucial not to forget to celebrate the sweetness in life. Sweetness is one of the gifts of this season, Harvest time. This is the time of year when Mother Earth brings forth so much abundance. She gives her body, her substance, so generously so that we may be nourished.

Harvest time reminds us of the endless generosity of Mother Earth

Mother Earth is always there, holding us up, supporting us, offering grounded connection every day of our lives. Just like a loving mother, earth energy is nourishing, comforting, understanding and sweet. We come from the womb of our mother.

Reflecting on these qualities is a great reminder to take time out to nourish and take care of ourselves.

To have understanding and compassion for the stress, overwhelm and fear we may feel. Giving this nourishment to ourselves will make it possible for us to give to others and there are likely many people in our life who need our support.

With so much intensity, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and turn to old habits that numb us out. If this is you, hold yourself with understanding like a loving mother and gently bring yourself back to the the practices and joys that nourish your core being. What do you do to nourish your body, mind, soul and spirit? Take some time to reflect on this and take some time to nurture yourself.

A lot of the upheaval and destruction in the world has to do with the backlash with how we treat Mother Earth.

Mother Nature is giving us a strong message to pay attention and come back to living in a balanced relationship with the divine world. We’ve forgotten the ancient wisdom that the Earth is our Mother. The first step towards balance is opening up to this awareness that the earth is our Mother, and humans have lost our respect for her.

Gratitude opens a doorway of connection in our heart

Earth energy in balance naturally brings a feeling of contentment and gratitude. Nature appreciates gratitude from humans. Life exists and thrives in a state of reciprocation. This is part of our ancestral agreement with Nature, to express gratitude and give back for what’s been given to us. Gratitude opens a doorway of connection in our heart which opens the potential for a healthy, nourishing exchange with life.

It’s a simple yet profound practice to give thanks for the blessings in your life on a daily basis. This is ancient wisdom, once a way of life, and now studies have even shown that daily gratitude practices have a positive affect on our health and wellbeing. Gratitude brings increased happiness, less anxiety and depression, better sleep and feeling more connected to others. So, by giving thanks for the many blessings in your life, you can ease your own pain and suffering.

Celebrate the sweetness of life, the generosity of Mother Earth by honoring the gifts of Nature with your gratitude. Give thanks for your food and the plants and animals who gave their life for your nourishment. Give thanks for the water, rain, wind, clouds and sun.

Celebrate the sweetness of life with local seasonal foods

Eating local seasonal foods is a way to stay connected to the cycles of Nature and to the place where you live. Celebrate the season and the abundance of Mother Earth by creating a meal with local, seasonal foods.

Eating what grows around you connects you to the season and to the place. The nourishment brought from connecting to the land and living beings of your local area in this way is deep and beyond measure. Tomatoes of summertime are also more nourishing, satisfying and delicious than the tomatoes from Chile eaten in Winter. Farmers markets are a great place to get attuned to what’s in season.

In conclusion, Nature and each season provide an abundance of gifts to celebrate and appreciate. Doing so will ease our pain and brings deeper meaning and fulfillment to life. May you always find joy and comfort in the sweetness of life! ~Megan

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