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Family plans foiled again

My family plans where foiled again, leaving me decluttering at home.

I was planning to visit my family in Florida the day after Christmas. On Christmas Day I discovered that some of my family members were sick, testing positive for COVID. So we cancelled my long anticipated trip to see them. Everyone’s okay and they only had mild symptoms but it was heart wrenching not to go. This left me on my own, decluttering at home.

I felt I had been given the opportunity to continue the process of decluttering and reorganizing my entire home.

This deep reordering of my home actually began a year ago and it bumped up to a more intensive level in November. Now I had days on end with nothing scheduled, nothing planned, to fully complete the process.

I recently created a beautiful space for my new healing practice that seems to be requiring that my entire house step up to its new standards. I’m no longer practicing Plant Spirit Medicine and have transitioned my healing practice to offering Traditional Nahua healing. I’ll share more about my new healing practice soon.

Although my healing space is only one room, adapting my life to being able to offer this new healing work has required changes in the rest of the house. From this new place in my life, I’m experiencing my home and belongings in a whole new way. It became very clear that I needed to let go of a lot of things and rearrange almost everything in the house to support this change. I’ve been going through a deep reordering, not just in my home but in my life.

As our lives change our homes and belongings also change.

Decluttering with the seasons and Feng Shui tune ups keep our home current with the inner and outer changes so the space can support us in a deep way. You can greatly enhance your well-being through life’s many transitions using Feng Shui and by consciously decluttering. The new year is a natural time to declutter and organize, to lighten our load and let go of things that no longer serve us so we can have a good beginning.

Here are some decluttering and organizing tips inspired by my recent experience to help you prepare for the new year.

It’s a lot more effective to sort and declutter first. Then, once you’ve consciously decided what to keep and let go, put your attention to organizing. Organizing is the process of giving your belongings a home. When you don’t give something a home, then it ends up piling up creating clutter.

It feels really good to give everything a conscious place to live in your home and to make that ‘home’ a beautiful organized space. So that when you go to return your things to its ‘home’, you feel uplifted by the space and by the action of returning it there. It brings a feeling of happiness to put things in their proper place and to be enlivened by the beauty and order of that space.

You may feel that this is impossible but I assure you it’s not. All you need to do is dedicate yourself to the task and take the time to see the task to completion. It will take time but remember clutter eats up our life-force energy and costs us time and money.

By taking the time to declutter and organize now it will ultimately save you time in the future!

When you’re organizing and decluttering at home, introduce the possibility that there may be a totally different way to organize the cupboard or closet in question. Consider that there may be a much better place for the entire contents of that cupboard. Keep in mind to arrange that cupboard so that it gives you a good feeling when you look inside.

I love Marie Kondo’s idea that your ‘organization should spark joy’. This resonates with the principles of Feng Shui. What you see has a big impact on you. It’s ideal that what you see uplifts your ‘chi’.

I hope you discover some new and enlivening ways to organize your home and belongings. If you’d like personalized guidance and accountability support while you declutter and organize, please reach out to ask about my Decluttering Coaching. Walking people through the process of decluttering and organizing is one of my favorite things to do and it works very well over Zoom. You can also contact me if you’re ready for a Feng Shui Consultation or a ‘tune up’ Feng Shui Consultation or Space Clearing Ceremony to bring in the new year.

Now that the holiday is over I’m back to work and almost complete with the reordering of my house. Since I had to put aside the total surrender to the task, I made a list of the few areas left that I still need to attend to, so that I won’t loose track as the pace of life picks up again. I’m anxious to finish because even though the project isn’t 100% complete it feels great!! 

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