Transform Your Small Space with Feng Shui

Do you live in a small space?

I’m excited to be featured in a post on the REDFIN Blog titled, Transform Your Small Space: How to Feng Shui Your Apartment. The article includes numerous Feng Shui tips for your small space from different Feng Shui experts and Designers.

From the article: “If you’re living in a small apartment and feel like your space is always cluttered, feels confined, or the atmosphere just feels off, you’re not alone. Luckily, no matter the size or layout of your apartment, you can easily transform your small space with Feng Shui. And what better time than the spring to declutter and decorate to create a well-balanced, harmonious home?”

What was my tip?

Only keep your favorite items

With small spaces, it’s crucial to pair down your belongings to your absolute favorites and necessities. You want the right balance of things for the size of your space because a space can only hold so much before the energy flow gets blocked and stagnant. Clutter blocks the energy flow in an environment, inhibiting positive energy flow in your life.

Follow the link to read the full article Transform Your Small Space: How to Feng Shui Your Apartment.

Have fun transforming your small space into a well balanced harmonious home with Feng Shui!
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