Feng Shui Q&A: Porcupine Needles in Relationship

I got this great question from a Feng Shui client…

Q: My husband and I received this as a wedding gift and have had it hung on a wall for years.

Now that I’m applying your teachings and rearranging according to the bagua I’m seeing it with new eyes. I’m wondering if this is too pointy to be in the relationship area. Are pointy shapes discouraged in love and relationship area? I asked my son his first impression of the shape of this love knot and he said porcupine needles. What are your thoughts?”

A: I love your question!

When I saw the photo before reading the text I had the feeling of porcupine needles too. Also a dried up feeling. Do you have any feeling of prickliness in your relationship or feeling dried up? If yes then this may not be the best placement.

On the flip side the deeper meaning of this knot and the wording to go with it is about marriage and relationship. So for that reason it is well placed. That is…. only if you’re not experiencing prickly energy or dried up energy in your marriage! Or other relationships.

AND… it’s also only well-placed if you truly love this and it makes your heart sing. So when you look at it, what feeling does it give YOU? Do you see prickliness? Does it spark joy and give you good memories of your wedding and your marriage? Is there any feeling of I am just keeping this because it was a gift? So the specialness to you is also very significant!

My clients response…

Wow- so insightful! I’m definitely taking it down for many reasons: I’ve had it up for years and loved it but no longer feel the joy it once sparked. Thanks for helping me take a deeper look into why it may not be a good fit for the relationship section.


Since she took it down, along with attending to other Feng Shui changes, my client reports that her husband has been very agreeable, easy to get along with and very open to making other positive changes in the house!

What’s in the Marriage and Relationship area of your house? The Marriage and Relationship area is in the back right corner of your house.

(This Q&A was shared with permission from my client.)

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