A chance encounter while Feng Shui’ing my garden

We stood there staring at each other in awe for at least a minute. I couldn’t believe I was seeing my friend from Southern, California, standing on the sidewalk in front of my house. When we came out of our daze we smiled and gave each other a big hug.

My friend was in Santa Cruz for a quick 24 hour visit.

Why was she in town? She was helping her exchange student move up to Santa Cruz to go to college. By chance, they had to pick up something at the house next door. She was walking down the sidewalk looking for the house when I was standing in my yard, 3 feet away from the sidewalk. We stopped in our tracks. Is it really you? She had no idea I lived on this street. We were in total shock when we looked up and saw each other. 

Called by the plants to go outside to Feng Shui my garden

Feng Shui in the gardenHave you ever had a strong feeling that you had to do something right away? That morning, I felt a strong urge to get outside and transplant the plants that had been on my mind for a few days. Like it was super important it happen immediately. If I hadn’t been out gardening we never would have seen each other and seeing my friend brightened my day.

That day I was transplanting a Jade plant and a mighty succulent that needed more room. But it started with the dead juniper stump that was in my ‘helpful people and travel area’. Now that is was gone, what would I put in its place? It’s a shady spot but also prominent being right on the street. I wanted a plant that was vibrant and easy to take care of. 

Jades are excellent Feng Shui plants

Feng Shui in my garden with JadeI love to grow jade. I love to watch them grow, and they’re easy to take care of. They don’t need much water which is crucial to consider when planting in drought inclined California. They also have soft round leaves. According to Feng Shui, plants with rounded leaves are best over pointy and sharp.

The beauty in the top photo had outgrown her pot awhile ago and now she has the perfect new home in my ‘helpful people and travel area’.

This mighty Rock Purslane (plant with pink flowers) also needed a new home. It took off like crazy when I planted her but there isn’t enough room in this spot for her to shine. She crowded out the front porch, the pathway and her neighbor, another mighty jade. The flowers on this plant are amazing and the bees love them too!

Feng Shui Tips for taking care of your garden

  1. Take time to nurture and prune your plants. Healthy, vibrant plants attract positive chi to your home and property. 
  2. Remove dead or dying plants as soon as possible. Unhealthy or dead plants drain the life-force of your property. They attract unhealthy chi. 
  3. Grow plants that you love and will take care of. I recommend using drought tolerant plants anywhere in California where water is scarce. 
  4. Gardening is quality time outside in Nature which will uplift your spirit. 

My garden and my ‘helpful people area’ look vibrant. The plants are happy and I’m happy because I had a delightful chance encounter with a dear friend. Taking care of your yard is good Feng Shui and there’s a good chance that it will also uplift your spirits and brighten your day.

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