When order reigns

What’s possible when order reigns?

One of my students said that he used to get out of bed and think, ‘why bother making it? The room is already in chaos, what difference would it make?’. Now in his new home, where order reigns, he makes his bed first thing after he wakes up. 

He said that the order in his room sets a tone that inspires him to make the bed so he can maintain the order and balance. Doing so in turn sets a balanced tone for the rest of his day. That’s fantastic!

I was explaining how basic daily tidying helps to keep clutter from accumulating. Things like making your bed, washing the dishes, putting your clothes away etc. These routines help to maintain previous efforts at decluttering and organizing. That’s when he shared his experience, the perfect example to illustrate this point.

Order and disorder are two forces in the world that are intimately connected.

Like yin and yang, you can’t have one without the other. The potential for disorder is always present. It’s a force that’s going to want to take over our lives if we don’t stay mindful it doesn’t. We need order to thrive and we have to work at creating and maintaining it. 

When order reigns, it makes us feel lighter, clearer, motivated and inspired. Outer order produces inner feelings of order and balance. This reflects as harmony and balance in our lives.

When disorder reigns, it can rapidly take down our lives. Disorder creates stress, overwhelm and anxiety. When disorder has the upper hand, it makes it difficult to re-establish order again. We have to work with commitment and focus to restore it.

Clutter and disorder in your environment block the flow of life-force energy, causing stagnation and feeling stuck. The force of clutter is strong and it draws more clutter and chaos towards it. Not only in the form of more physical clutter but it also calls in chaotic life situations.

A certain amount of disorder will always be present in our lives.

When we make sautéed shiitake mushroom with garlic, zucchini, red peppers and baked chicken with rosemary on top of rice for dinner, we use all manner of ingredients, tools, pots, pans and dishes. In other words we make a big mess. We clean up the mess so we can prepare and enjoy our next meal in peace.

When I’m working on a creative project, I have papers, books and notebooks spread out all over my space. When I complete the project I put things back so I can once again enjoy my space with ease, and move on to my next project.

Like yin and yang, each one is always present.

In both cases, the disorder was part of the creative process. A force needed to produce the delicious, healthy meal or the creative writing project. We need order and we need to work to establish it to keep the peace. Otherwise disorder will take over our lives.

What do you do when you’re feeling weighed down by the burden of daily tasks? Sometimes these mundane daily tasks can feel so, well, never ending. Like a weight, a burden we have to carry and keep up with. And there are times when that feeling gets the upper hand and before you know it disorder takes over. 

What I recommend is to find a way to reconnect to the process of what you are doing and the value of your actions. What can you do to bring joy and presence to the process? 

Some people find it helpful to do the activity (like washing the dishes) as a mindful meditative act. Others enjoy listening to music and dancing while they work. One student listens to podcasts while she folds her family’s clothes. 

What else is possible when order reigns?

  • Clear thinking 
  • Time freedom
  • Productivity
  • Creativity
  • Joy, happiness, fulfillment
  • Relief from depression, anxiety and stress
  • Connection with your true self
Would you like to reestablish the order and harmony in your life? Are you ready to make a huge leap forward and get unstuck? Do you find decluttering and organizing overwhelming and don’t know where to begin?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then please join me and my other students for the next Simplify to Thrive Workshop. We begin on September 12th. Fall is the season of ‘letting go’, so Nature will be on your side supporting us with this process.

You’ll learn a simple step-by-step process to guide you in transforming your home towards peace and harmony. From the comfort of your own home and at your own pace I’ll guide you through the process. This workshop is transformative, informative, supportive, inspiring and fun.

What makes this course holistic and unique?

  • Holding space for your feelings
  • Tapping into the wisdom of Feng Shui
  • Learning practical steps
  • Exploring how our home and belongings affect our life
  • Guided meditations that promote insight and relaxation
  • It’s a heart centered safe space to explore, without judgment-meeting you where you’re at. 
  • Support of a compassionate community beside you as you transform your challenges. 

It would be my honor to have you join us if the timing is right for you!

Click this link to learn more about the Simplify to Thrive Workshop.
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